Target Corporate is now “targeting” BBA students for opportunities in Marketing!

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November 27, 2012 by texasbbacareerservices

Target Headquarter’s new Target Plaza Commons-a collaborative team space!

Target Corporate is now coming on-campus each fall to recruit BBA students for full-time and internship opportunities in marketing. We asked them the below questions to learn more about these opportunities and to help you prepare for their visit next fall!

What is the job title of the position for which your company is recruiting for and where is the job located?
Associate Marketing Specialist for Full Time; Marketing Intern
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why should job seekers consider your position/what makes your position a great opportunity?
It gives you the ability to come into an organization with such a strong brand and reputation. Target strives to be a leader in the marketplace and Marketing makes that happen. The opportunities in Marketing are endless, you can play a role in Digital marketing, Packaging, In-store marketing, Email marketing, Loyalty marketing, Digital vendor marketing and much more…

Please share the perspective of an employee that is currently in the position or has worked in the position:
“Target is such an amazing brand, and having the opportunity to make an impact every single day is incredible. Target Packaging is where the product and the brand meet. It is the last thing that the guest sees before making a purchase decision and is the first thing she sees when she gets home to use the product. I am thankful every single day I walk into this building and cannot wait to see where the company goes from here!”

“Marketing has many different facets. Most college students think marketing is all about advertising and working for an agency. Marketing to me at Target is how we work to engage our guests with all of the products and the Target brand. It’s telling a story of and making the guest feel part of the brand. Marketing tries to invoke all of your senses. The reason why I love my job is because packaging is a more hands on marketing. I have to create the look and feel the product to draw the guests in to want to buy the product. They are able to see it and feel it. Other times they are able to smell it. The other reason why I love my job is because of all of the different partners we work with and areas of the company.  You get a lot of visibility to different levels of people and all of the projects that will make headlines in Vogue or other medias.”

What programs does your company have in place to help new employees adjust to moving and to building a network?
We have tons of on boarding initiatives. There is Relocation Network- where new team members go out to dinner and have certain events together if you are new to the Twin Cities. There are alumni networks by school as well. African American Business Council, Hispanic Business Council, Asian Business Council and much much more.

How can students learn more about your opportunity/when will you be recruiting for your position via OCR or on-campus again?
Reach out to with questions. We will post positions every Fall.

Checkout these videos of college students talking about their Target internship experience:


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