Liberty Mutual Insurance Leadership Forum-A Student Perspective


March 15, 2013 by texasbbacareerservices

libertymutalblogTaylor Miller
Corporate Finance, May 2014
McCombs School of Business

The National Leadership Forum is held annually by Liberty Mutual Insurance at their home office in Boston, Massachusetts. Liberty Mutual pays for the round trip flight, the stay in a historic hotel, and the amazing food. The National Leadership Forum (NLF) gives students an opportunity to improve their leadership skills, network with professionals at the company, and meet students from universities across the country.

My sophomore year, I heard about this opportunity with Liberty Mutual. I did not know much about the company or the insurance industry but I was eager to learn so I applied. I am so glad I did. Because the trip is about becoming a better leader, from the first night to the final presentations, we had great leadership training. We played team games, did group scenarios, and heard from impactful speakers. My favorite presentation was about how to tailor my LinkedIn profile to show that I am a leader at my university. I built my entire profile based on the notes I took from that presentation. The speaker provided irreplaceable insight from the perspective of a recruiter.

Throughout NLF, I had the opportunity to network with people from all levels of the company, from interns to upper management. It was evident that Liberty Mutual puts a high emphasis on taking care of their employees. We also had the opportunity to go through a rotation of the three parts of the company we thought might most interest us. This was probably the most beneficial part of NLF. Before the rotation, I did not know a lot about the insurance industry. By the end, I knew specifics about a few of the functional groups that make up the insurance company. I was not only able to decide which group most interested me; I also decided which group of people my personality best fit with. Liberty Mutual did a great job of showing how inclusive their company culture is.

When I applied to NLF, I thought it would be all about leadership and Liberty Mutual, and less about having fun. I was pleasantly surprised by how wrong I was. Every part of the Forum had some element of fun. Liberty Mutual took us on a duck tour of Boston. I had never been to the city and the duck tour allowed me to see the city from both the water and the land. At one of the dinners we played trivia and it was extremely fun to see both us, as students, and the Liberty Mutual employees getting excited and competitive with the game. I also met some exceptional people from universities across the country. Almost a year later, I still talk to many of the people I met and I have plans to visit one of them next fall.

Liberty Mutual’s National Leadership Forum was a great opportunity. Whether you already know you are interested in Liberty Mutual or like me, you are just eager to learn about the company and the industry, I definitely recommend applying. It’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Students may follow the steps below to apply: Deadline: April 1, 2013

  1. Go: to:
  2. Scroll: down and click on “Apply Now”
  3. Type: in job number 37746 and hit “Search” for jobs
  4. Apply: to “LMI Leadership Forum Externship”

2 thoughts on “Liberty Mutual Insurance Leadership Forum-A Student Perspective

  1. We’re so glad you enjoyed the program and have great things to say about your experience. Thanks for sharing your story!

    -Liberty Mutual Responsible Scholars

  2. Really great..!! Thanks for sharing the news and the enjoyable experience. 🙂

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