BBA Alumni Experience: Claims Specialist Rotational Program with Liberty Mutual Insurance


May 15, 2013 by texasbbacareerservices

KristyLibertymutualKristy Cha, UT McCombs BBA Alum 2010
Major: Finance, Minor: Management
Liberty Mutual Employee, Claims Specialist Rotational Program with Liberty Mutual Insurance

What was your experience at UT Austin like?
The best 3.5 years of my life! I say 3.5 because I was fortunate to spend a semester studying abroad in Vienna, Austria. I was actively involved in campus organizations such as the BBA Women’s Council, Forever Texas, Delta Sigma Pi, ACTs College Fellowship, and who can forget intramural sports. I am a proud member of the McCombs BBA Class of 2010; Majoring in Finance and Minoring in Management.

What drew you to apply for the Claims Specialist Rotational Program with Liberty Mutual Insurance?
To be quite honest I had absolutely no interest in working for an insurance company till the spring semester of my junior year. My turning point was enrolling in the Property Liability and Risk Management course led by Professor Patricia Arnold. This class taught me that Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a relatively young career field in comparison to accounting, banking, etc. Professor Arnold was a great mentor who advised that a good starting point for my risk management career would be to understand how insurance companies manage their outflow of cash.

What did you expect from the program?
I expected to be trained in a department where I would spend nine to twelve months. At the end of this time frame I would rotate into a new department and repeat the process until I completed my rotations in three different departments. I thought that my day-to-day assignments would have variation to keep me challenged. I also expected that this program was a fast track to upper managerial opportunities in different departments.

Did the program meet your expectations?
I rotated through three different departments, but my personal preference was not a major factor in determining which department I would be moved to. The rotations were heavily driven by what the current business needs were. My day-to-day assignments were fairly routine until I had rotated into my second and third rotations where I was given more responsibilities and opportunity to travel.

What have your experiences been like with the Claims Specialist Rotational Program?
My first rotation was with the Auto Physical Damage (APD) team and my second rotation was with the Bodily Injury (BI) team. The foundation to my understanding of the insurance industry was built within these two rotations to prepare me for my final rotation as a business analyst. My role as a business analyst entails assisting the operations manager pull raw data, cleanse the data and create dashboards, executive summaries, and presentations so managers countrywide have a better understanding of how their operations are performing. I have relocated three times within my three years with the company (this was by choice of course).

What do you like about working for Liberty Mutual?
I think Liberty Mutual is a great company to start your career because we emphasize the importance of training and self-development. I also appreciate the managers who are genuinely concerned if their team members carry a heavy work load; work life balance is a big bonus. Liberty Mutual also has the education reimbursement program which is a huge incentive for me since I am looking to pursue my Master’s Degree.

Who do I see succeed within the Claims Specialist Rotational Program?
Again and again the individuals that I see succeeding are flexible and adaptive problem solvers who are not shy to offer ideas and suggestions. Most importantly I believe it is imperative to foster an open dialogue with your manager about your career ambitions. A successful Claims Specialist should share what future projects they desire to be involved in and proactively create a self-development plan to prepare for that next step.

Why do I think I succeeded within the Claims Specialist Rotational Program?
I believe a combination of factors prepared me for a successful career:

1) I was honest about my career goals with my manager

2) My manager was supportive and alerted me of opportunities to increase my exposure within the company

3) It may sound like a cliché but I believe I succeeded because I view every assignment as a learning opportunity. If you handle your work today with excellence, then your managers can entrust you with more complex assignments and decisions to be made tomorrow.

What word of advice would you give to future Claims Specialists?
These next two to three years will go by before you know it; make the most of your time in the program and learn as much as you can. Take your job one day at a time.


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  1. Wow, nice interview. Very interesting and insightful. I love your blog.

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