Student Internship Spotlight: Summer Analyst at Evercore in New York City

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August 30, 2013 by texasbbacareerservices

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BBA Student: Mark Wenden
Majors: BHP / Finance, Minor: MIS
Grad date: Spring 2014

Learn about Mark’s experience as a M&A Summer Analyst at Evercore in New York City and get great advice!

Networking for the position
Evercore, like many firms, hosts multiple events on campus, which helps students learn about the firm and meet individuals at the firm. I made an effort to go to information sessions and firm-sponsored events over the last few years, which helped me understand the process and cultural fit before I formally entered the recruiting process. After the events, I also reached out to some of the individuals that I connected with for follow-up calls to ask additional questions and develop a stronger relationship with the firm.

The internship experience
I had an incredible experience this summer at Evercore, which is why I accepted the return offer. For me, it was a combination of things that made it a great summer. Like all the other interns in my class, I was able to get placed on meaningful deals, which helped me build on my understanding of valuation techniques (LBO, Accretion/Dilution, DCF, Comps, etc.) and learn about different industries/companies. Evercore is continuing to produce a large amount of deal flow, which meant the interns were staffed on a number of significant projects and live deals throughout the summer.

As interns we were given a lot of responsibility because we were able to work in small deal teams of 4-6 individuals. This lean deal team structure allowed for frequent interaction with senior bankers at Evercore. It was really exciting that two of the deals I worked on actually announced publicly during the time I was there. This included an IPO in the shipping industry as well as a private capital raise & acquisition in the insurance industry. On another deal, I attended a client meeting with just the Vice President on my team and was given the responsibility of discussing our models.

Also, Evercore has spent a significant amount of time and effort to build a very strong culture, which has driven their success. Despite the expected long hours in investment banking, Evercore hosted numerous social events throughout the summer that we all attended to get to know members of the firm. They also had a room, known as “The Fishbowl”, where all of the interns were able to sit together. This made the experience even more enjoyable and collaborative at the office and allowed us to answer questions for each other before needing to reach out to our teams.

Evercore visits numerous campuses and meets thousands of eager students each year so make the effort to build a good relationship early on and understand how they differentiate themselves from other firms. At UT, Evercore recruits for New York M&A, Houston, and Restructuring so students should make their preferences known early on to the groups.

Evercore Fall 2013 Information Sessions:

  • September 3, 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., UTC 3.104, Representatives from Evercore Partners will discuss the Firm and full-time investment banking analyst positions for 2014. Please RSVP in OCR.
  • November 4, 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., UTC 3.102, Representatives from Evercore Partners will discuss the Firm and investment banking summer internship analyst positions available for 2014. Please RSVP in OCR.

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