Alumni Spotlight: A Marketing Major’s Career Path in Energy

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September 5, 2013 by texasbbacareerservices

kim anh patelHook ‘Em!
Kim-Anh Patel
BBA Marketing Alum 2007
Employer: Phillips 66
Contact me via LinkedIn with any questions!

Back at UT, I remember being asked “What major are you?” probably as often as “What’s your name?” Now as I recruit for Phillips 66, I’m still curious and ask every student I meet the same two questions. Having a major selected is important, but equally important is making sure you choose the right one for you. McCombs offers great majors to choose from, but I want to share with you my story on the often underrated Marketing major.

Marketing is an interesting major. It may feel more abstract with the uncertainty of what you can do with it, but that’s also the beauty of it. You can go anywhere and do anything with Marketing. Think about all the types of industries out there – energy, law, pharmaceutical, tech and endless others. ALL of these have to be marketed and marketable to stay in business. Every business has to sell their products or services to someone, so you need a way to reach them, gain awareness, get them interested, and ultimately buy from you and be a repeat buyer. Because this applies across all industries, your options are endless.

So your next question might be, what types of jobs can do? Here are some Marketing positions I’ve held in the energy industry at Phillips 66.

Digital Media Coordinator: I work in the Brand Management team which oversees four consumer brands – Phillips 66, Conoco, 76 and Phillips 66 Aviation – I primarily handle all the website content and the email campaigns to consumers. I am very involved with the brand campaigns and promotions because my role helps reach the end consumer. I get to bring innovation to the team by working closely with our advertising agencies and IT team to implement and execute new technology and ideas. I have no MIS or Computer Science background but am now well-versed in IT lingo!

Associate Promotions Director: In this role, I was second in command to the Brand Director for the Phillips 66 and Conoco brand. I helped launch a new brand campaign for Phillips 66 and worked on launching promotions in our key markets. Not only did I work with the advertising agency and legal team to get new creative approved, but I also worked closely with the sales team to get them on board to make sure our customers were executing our promotions at site level.

Supply Allocation Analyst: So this might job might seem like a complete 180-degree difference than the two above. That’s one of the great aspects for working at a company that encompasses a large part of the value chain of getting products from the refineries to the end consumers at the gas stations. In this role, I worked closely with the Commercial Schedulers to get product through the pipelines and delivered to customers who sell our product to consumers at gas stations around the country.

Strategy Associate Analyst: Here, I assisted with short term and long term plans for two of our refinery regions. I pulled together data on our competitors, refinery capabilities, supply, product pricing, market share, transportation costs, and many other aspects of the business. I exercised analytical skills by taking all this data, analyzing and interpreting it, and then presenting findings and recommendations to management. I had a broad cross-functional exposure because many groups are impacted by the strategy outcome. I worked with Refining, Transportation, Commercial, and many of the departments within Marketing as well.

With recruiting season just around the corner, learn more about the diverse opportunities at Phillips 66 ( Also, come check us out at the following recruiting week events!

  • Tue.      9/10 – BBA Women’s Business Council Roundtable Breakfast
  • Tue.      9/10 – Corporate Mock Interview Marathon
  • Tue.      9/10 – Employer Panel: Opportunities in the Energy Industry
  • Tue.      9/10 – **NEW** Phillips 66 Company Information Session, 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Room 301 in the AT&T Conference Center
  • Wed.      9/11 – Undergraduate Career Expo
  • Wed.      9/11 – McCombs Diversity Council Dinner

See BBA Career Services Events page and OCR for details.


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