5 Takeaways from Goldman Sachs Undergraduate Camp


September 10, 2013 by texasbbacareerservices

mariaGoldmanarticle5  Takeaways from Goldman Sachs Undergraduate Camp

Maria Rivera
Major: MIS
Graduation Date: Spring 2015

On June 19th and 20th Goldman Sachs hosted its annual GS Undergraduate Camp, a two-day program for Black, Latino/Hispanic and Native American college students of all majors interested in learning more about Goldman Sachs and the financial services industry. This camp provides young professionals with an opportunity to explore the numerous career paths in the financial services industry and become familiar with Goldman Sachs business, history and culture. The program features divisional overviews, case studies, career workshops and networking with professionals from across at the firm.

As one of the participants this year, I realized there were key takeaways from which every young professional could benefit from. Regardless of your level of interest in financial services, these takeaways will help you get a solid start in your professional career.

Use your fresh perspective to your advantage

When looking into an internship or a full-time job, don’t underestimate the diverse, fresh, and different perspective you bring to a business. Even as a junior associate, you can offer the team a new perspective because most firms encourage communication regardless of seniority.

Find ways to add value

One of the professionals commented, “Bottom line: find ways to add value.”  Add value to the organizations you are a part of, as well as particular relationships.

Checking in proactively: once a quarter, check-in with your manager, coworker, or mentor with ideas you think they will find interesting or of value. If you know they are about to travel to a different city and you find an article about the attractions of the city, forward it to them!

Be a connector: if you know of someone who can add value to someone’s activities or project, make sure to introduce them. Introducing them will not only add value to that person’s network, but will help you build rapport with those in your network.

Surround yourself with a diverse network of people

Even when you are not interested in someone’s particular field of work, avoid automatically dismissing that possible relationship. Instead, consider that the more perspectives surround yourself with, the more opportunity for growth you will provide for yourself. A former assistant director for the Harvard School of Business Admissions Board, one of the speakers at the conference recommends approaching people with a mindset that says, “this is another person I would like to meet” instead of, “this person can give me a job,” because then your conversations will become much more genuine.

15 minutes for coffee?

Invaluable, yet subtle opportunities to network come in the form of interactive guest panels, coffee meetings, and Q&A at senior speaker series. To make the most out of these events, come with topics of conversation, possible questions, and a brief idea of their background. Recognizing the value in these networking opportunities will allow you to create valuable relationships.

Use your alumni network

Often times the people who were part of the same college, student organization, fraternity/sorority can become your strongest supporters when you seek a position in a company. Reach out to them, but make you sure you come prepared with questions you want to ask for the 15 minutes they grant you.

At the end of the day you will want to make the most out of your college experience.  Pursue what you are passionate about and make an impact.


One thought on “5 Takeaways from Goldman Sachs Undergraduate Camp

  1. Shuo Cheng says:

    What is the program like ? the schedule and what do I need to prepare (industrial insights for example) before I go ? 🙂

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