Management Major Internship Spotlight: Macy’s

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September 27, 2013 by texasbbacareerservices

macysblogheadshotMax De la Vega
Major: Management / Minor in Management Information Systems
Graduation Date: May 2014

How did you get your internship & why did you say “yes” to your offer?
I went to the career fair, applied, and interviewed. When I was lucky enough to receive an offer I immediately accepted. I said “yes” because I’m very interested in the retail environment and I had never really had any exposure to retail. Also, management is what I hope to be doing in the future.

What exactly do you do as an intern?
As an intern, you learn a lot. With Macy’s, you get to be a member of the executive team where your opinions are valued and where responsibilities are given to you based on your level of comfort. You don’t do menial intern tasks such as serve coffee or fill out forms or anything. You actually get to manage a team of people!

What are some of the skills you’ve developed as an intern?
I’ve developed leadership, coaching and management skills.  I’ve also developed my time-management.  I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that in order to grow you need a strong foundation; and since I am ambitious, this is important.

What classes do you think were the most valuable in obtaining your internship?
Management classes: particularly organizational behavior and motivational classes were the most valuable.

What was your favorite part of the internship?
Being part of the executive team – everyone gave me real responsibilities and appreciated my opinion.  I had a great mentor, VP and team who cared.  I would rate my experience as an intern a 10 out of 10.

What advice do you have for others interested in an internship at Macy’s?
Be prepared to learn a lot. Don’t be afraid to walk into the VP Store Manager’s office and ask questions or ask for feedback. Do it often. Observe everyone from the customers, to the associates, to the management team. Everyone has something to say and you will learn the most if you listen to everyone. Notice everyone’s unique style of management and choose what you like and what you see that works to help you develop your own management style.

Macy's after college blogInterested in learning more or applying? Check out the Macy’s FT-Store Management Executive Development Program and/or the Macy’s Store management Internship in OCR. Application Deadlines: October 1!


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