Marketing Major Internship Spotlight: Summer Sales Intern at Altria

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October 4, 2013 by texasbbacareerservices

AltriablogkylieKylie Whitlow
UT McCombs BBA, Major: Marketing
Graduation: Fall 2013

Altria Group Distribution Company
Summer Sales Intern / Campus Ambassador

What drew you to an internship opportunity with Altria?
I was originally interested in Altria because they hosted a Student Leadership Development Program on campus that I participated in. After building a connection with a variety of different Altria employees, I found that the company culture was an aspect I was interested in for an internship. The company is also extremely successful, and later I found that the internship itself was something that I also saw myself doing well in.

What advice do you have regarding a career in Sales/Marketing?
You can pretty much have a career in sales/marketing in any industry. There are also a large variety of positions that encompass sales/marketing (it’s not just cold call selling and basic marketing). Find what industry really interests you, then pursue a career in one of the many niche positions within that industry. And find one that you love, ensuring that what you’re going to be happy and successful throughout your career.

Learn more about the Altria Summer Sales Intern position and apply in OCR!

What does the internship entail?
The internship consists of managing 30 accounts, which is $5 million worth of business. The internship entails analyzing their business, identifying opportunities to help them improve, creating a plan to grow their business, and implementing that plan, seeing real world results in the end. You put together a project/presentation with all of this data and present it to your managers at the end of the summer.

What do you like about working for Altria?
One of my favorite things about the company are the people in it. Everyone that I’ve met has a positive energy about them that builds the foundation for the wonderful culture the company has. There is also a huge amount of variety on a daily basis, which is an aspect that I love about the job. I also like that if you work hard and show improvement consistently, you can advance within the company very quickly.

Who do I see succeed at Altria?
It is a very autonomous job with a lot of responsibility, which is an environment that I seem to do well in. It is also very challenging and educational, which pushes me to do my best and learn the best practices in order to succeed.

Please share your advice on recruiting/interviewing:
When recruiting, show your interest by going to as many events as you can and meeting as many recruiters as you can. Develop relationships early on and continue to foster those relationships over time. When interviewing, be prepared with knowledge of the company and tailor your answers to aspects related to the company or the role you are interviewing for. Be genuine and professional, and always ask questions.


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