A Marketing BBA Alum’s Career Path to Target

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October 22, 2013 by texasbbacareerservices

JackTsaiTargetblogUT Austin Alum: Jack Tsai
BBA Marketing; Advertising
Grad Date:
May 2009
Currently: Target India Project Lead- Grocery at Target HQ (Minneapolis, MN)

General Career Path
After returning from studying abroad in Milan in Spring of 2008, I interviewed for and was offered a summer internship at Target Corporation as a Merchandise Planning Business Analyst intern. That summer, I worked on numerous projects, including a major supply chain project under the Meal Essentials department (ketchup, mustard, canned vegetables, soup, etc). After presenting my results to senior management at the end of summer, I was offered a full-time job with Target.

However, things took an interesting turn and I ended up turning down Target’s offer, traveling to London after graduation and working for UBS Investment Bank for a year in the Exchange-Traded Derivatives division. I quickly realized, after working internationally, that as much as I enjoyed being abroad, I still missed home and wanted to be somewhat close to my family (as opposed to halfway across the world). Having maintained good contact with my Target recruiters, I decided to call them back. Two 30 minute phone calls later, I got my full-time job offer back from Target.

I started working for Target in September 2010 as a Business Analyst in the Video Game department. Specifically, I was in charge of the Nintendo Wii/DS desk. During the two years I spent in this role, I worked with a buyer to determine the most profitable assortment, forecast demand for newly released video games and ultimately control the budget of a half-billion dollar business. It was a great role because I got to oversee a product as it went from ideation to production, and eventually to the shelf of a Target store. I enjoyed the process of making strategic business decisions every step of the way. Outside of the experience itself, I also loved playing video games, so the job was a perfect match.

Since then, I’ve been promoted to my current role as a Target India Project Lead, supporting Grocery. I’ve enjoyed my time thus far at Target and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Career Advice
1) Don’t burn any bridges. If it wasn’t for my relationship with my Target recruiters, I would’ve never received a chance to interview again. Consider the interactions at every job that you have had, and think about what impressions you’re leaving behind. You never know when you might find these relationships helpful again.

2) You’re probably not going to find your dream job right after college – to do that would be an absolute miracle. Rather, draw out your life plan- where do you want to be in 5 years? In 10 years? Working towards that plan will be much more realistic than trying to score a bull’s-eye with your first job offer.

Target Corporate will be back on campus in the spring; watch out for great opportunities!

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