Are you as prepared as you think for Thanksgiving?

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November 25, 2013 by Lainey

The BBA Career Services peer career advisors (PCAs) are here to help!

In this Thanksgiving edition of our blog, we’ll go over the necessary tools in your dealing-with-overly-curious-relatives toolbox to show them that you actually do have everything under control.  After looking through this blog post, hopefully you’ll be better prepared to answer questions from your inquisitive friends and family.

*Disclaimer: We have used pure anecdotal evidence gleaned from the BBA Career Service peer advising staff. We cannot guarantee that any of these approaches will be effective in all the types of situations you may encounter during the upcoming holiday so please use this information with due diligence and care.

And now, introducing your PCA panel for this morning, afternoon, and evening:
Parakh J., Rachel H., Katie K., Priyanka G., Deanna W., and Hayden M.!

So PCAs, what are some of the typical questions you get from your family during the holidays?


 “What are your friends like nowadays?”

The Information Overload Approach:
Rachel: My friends are talkingalotreally fun. We go cycling together and see movies. We hang out a lot. We did baking one time and made a chocolate cake. It was a two-tiered cake with strawberries on top and had all the vanilla icing on it. Ooh and then, after we made the cake, we watched some awkward Christmas movies and then we…[continues for 10 minutes]…and, after I went to Amy’s Ice Cream, I strolled over to the Flawn Academic Center to get my studying done before I made my decision to bike to Alaska!

The Result?
Much success. Relatives are too tired of listening at this point and will probably move on to their victim – I mean, brother/sister/second cousin/third son-in-law removed/etc. The best part about this approach is that they usually forget to ask you anything else *wink*.


“What are you doing with your life?”

The Awkward Socializer Approach:
sociallyawkwardParakh: Uh, I’m going to *mumbles* in December. So excited. Yay… (Moves on to the cookies).

The Result? Unsuccessful deflection. But hey, at least you got cookies. On second thought, better go get yourself that Socially Awkward Penguin tie to complete the act.


 “What are you going to do this summer?”


The Frustratingly Successfully Approach:

frustratinglysuccessfulKatie: So, I’m finishing up my college degree in Accounting at the #1 Accounting program in the nation, studying for my CPA exam, working as a peer career counselor, and going to Australia and Hawaii if I can find time in my busy schedule in between schmoozing with Deloitte executives. Did I mention I’m working for a Big 4 after I graduate?

The Result? You’ll be the source of admiration and awe for the rest of the reunion. You’ll be the symbol of hard work and diligence in the family as well as a role model to your younger relatives. You’ll be the ice breaker when parents talk about their kids to other parents at the dinner table(s). Now it’s up to you whether you actually like that kind of attention.


“Did you get a job yet?”

The A-List Approach:

Nerd Student Girl with TextbooksRachel: Welllll, I work at the BBA Career Services, and I did get an interview with PepsiCo…but right now, I’m focusing on school so there’s not much time for anything else.

The Result? Well, you sure “schooled” them! Bad puns aside, this tactic works best when you actually have supporting evidence – otherwise, your curious relatives will see right through your ruse.

The Subtle Showoff Approach:

showoffKatie: It’s kind of boring like usual…but if you really want to know, I’m working at Deloitte next Spring! (Smiles triumphantly in relatives’ faces *again*)

The Result?  If this doesn’t work, it’ll be handy to have one of the other approaches in your pocket to use as an escape mechanism.


 “How’s school?”

The Damsel in Distress Approach:

Rachel: It’s going really well. I got an A on my Accounting test, but it’s super stressful. In the past two weeks, I’ve had 4 papers, 3 tests, 2 or 3 group projects…I can’t even remember. I just don’t get a lot of sleep, but I guess I’m happy!

The Results? Highly effective. Relatives will see how distraught you are becoming and will feel too uncomfortable to press you with any further questions. Secretly, they will be impressed by your dedication and, later, will lecture their children and spouses about the excellent example you’ve set for your generation.


And the dreaded question…

“Any new love of your life yet?”

loveThe Total Denial Approach: Priyanka: I have people I love, but they just don’t love me back. I don’t know why…

The Direct Approach: Deanna: Negative. Let’s move on to the next topic, please.

The Rebellious Teenager Approach: Hayden: You don’t need to know. (Editor’s note: So yes *wink*.)

The A-List Approach Take 2: Rachel: No, I don’t want a boy in my life. I’m concentrating on school, I told you.

The Results? There is no right answer to this except Yes. And even then, Yes may not be the right answer. So, we can’t actually help you with this question. You’re on your own. Good tidings and good luck.


In conclusion, let’s take a look at what past readers have had to say about us:

How do you prepare for all the “What are you doing with your life?” questions at Thanksgiving?

Anonymous: I’ve been an avid reader of the BBA Career Services blog for several months now and have used its advice last year with reasonably reasonable results. What, we have only a week before Thanksgiving? That’s just enough time to rehearse all my answers using this amazing guide provided to BBA students.
*Note: Not a real testimony, but that doesn’t mean it holds any less truth!

Do you have any better approaches to dealing with your relatives this holiday? Let us know!


How else can BBA Career Services help you prepare?
Recruiting season isn’t over yet, so don’t give up hope! The BBA Career Services offers more help to students than one might realize. From going over your resume to pointing you in the right direction, Career Services employees keep it helpful and personal so that you can land that dream job.

If you found your summer internship, congratulations to you! Not only are you highly armed to counterattack inquisitive relatives, but you also have something you can report to the BBA Career Services office!

Report your offer now at


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