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December 31, 2013 by Lainey

Hey readers, before we get started, can you guess correctly which PCA this is below? Your choices are Deanna Wiblitzhouser, Jenny Li, or Rachel Heath.

guess who Rachel heath

You can most likely remember the times you said something along the lines of, “Uh, spring cleaning is for Spring,” or “ I can always start finding a boyfriend/girlfriend next year,” or even, “Psh, we always have next year to start thinking about the future.”

Rejoice in your mess, revel in your mistakes, but spring always comes back around. Besides losing an hour of sleep, spring is your last recruiting season of the 2013-2014 long semester at UT Austin. Make a resolution this January 1, 2014 to better prepare yourself better than you ever have before! BBA Career Services is here to help you with our Recruiting Resolutions Grab Box.

Grab as many tips as you need or want – we just ask you to try to abide by these resolutions for longer than a New Year’s resolution gym membership *wink*. Keep reading to the end to see what resolutions our PCAs have for you.

Recruiting resolutions grab box banner

I won’t be an Info Session Stand-Up. Funnily enough, if you don’t go to one of these for a company you’re interviewing for, the chances of getting your desired position get much, much slimmer. Recruiters remember the faces of dedicated individuals who allot time not only for an interview slot, but for an info session the night before. Plus, they’ll sneakily give you tips about how to prepare for your interview, thus giving you the upper hand.

I will do company research! Never cop out on this part of interview preparation. Never. Going to an info session just. Isn’t. Enough. Crafting good questions based on industry trends and the company’s recent mergers & acquisitions don’t just make you stand out – they prove to the recruiter that you actually want to work for them. Don’t be that student who has no idea who they’re recruiting for. You might not even want to work for that company after you research some more about them – what company is going to highlight the negative for you during an info session? Check out our helpful guide here.

I will follow BBA Career Services on social media. Plug-in to give yourself that competitive edge (you could always do with some more). You’ll stay in the know about weekly events, special major-oriented events, and unique networking opportunities. For example, check out our Secret Session this past Fall that introduced ten lucky students to Google.

I’ll update my On Campus Recruitment (OCR) profile. Did you know OCR limits what you see based on the information you provide it? If you don’t update your OCR profile with your current resume, major, graduation date, or locations where you want to work, your OCR searches might not show you every opportunity available to you. Don’t cut yourself short when the competition gets fierce.

I promise to give my LinkedIn some loving this winter break. Networking can trump not-so-stellar grades or a lack of job experience as long as you have the competency and drive. Trends show that LinkedIn is used more than ever to find potential new hires. It’s like a Facebook for business where recruiters get to judge who you are before they even meet you. So give your LinkedIn profile some loving this winter break. Your future self will thank you.
**Join our LinkedIn Group to reach out to fellow BBA students, alumni, and employers!

I will actually use my job hunting resources to find a job. Check OCR and don’t stop there! McCombs Job Board  (MJB) and AccessUT also have great postings. Hint: the MJB is restricted to just business students – talk about reducing the competition! An added plus is that parents (and your inner conscience) won’t nag anymore if they knew you were really trying all your avenues to get a job this and next semester.

I promise to both prepare and attend Career Week.  Making a good impression starts with looking your best. Women and men, get your suits pressed and ready! Go to the website for our handbooks on how to dress, interview, register for events in OCR and recruit or volunteer at the Spring Undergraduate Career Expo to jump into the job-hunting experience.

I will make myself more attractive…to employers. Brush up on some basic business skills. Look at Excel – many employers requiring advanced Excel skills, especially for Finance majors. PowerPoints seems easy, but we’ve all seen a bad one! Some employers will use tests or case interviews to weed out the less determined. If you want to prepare for the latter, check out a book from the BBA Career Services library at CBA 2.116. offers tons of free training – your McCombs tuition pays for your access, so don’t waste it!

I’ll actually meet with my Career Advisor. You need more help than you think you do. Career advisers help push out the kinks in your long-term plans by helping you with: career exploration, interview prep, offer evaluations, salary negotiations, one-on-one mock interviews, resume and cover letter reviews, and general career advice based on your interests! Make an appointment with yours today!

Happy Recruiting to everyone, and to all, a good winter break!


Your BBA Career Services in CBA 2.116.


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