Internship Opportunity: Muchness – Style Blogger

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April 9, 2014 by Lainey

Please meet Rosemary Johnson, a BBA student intern for Muchness, who was willing to share her experience at the company. The company was founded by UT Austin alumni who are currently searching for interns to fill a Style Blogger position. Read on to find out more!

muchness logoIn January 2014, I joined the Muchness team as a digital marketing intern. Muchness is a search engine to find luxury clothing on-sale. Two of the founders, Jenny Chou and Pooja Goradia, are BHP Alumni and created Muchness with the foundation of wanting shoppers to feel like a million bucks but not spend a million bucks. Neiman Marcus, Barneys, and Saks Fifth Avenue participate with the search engine and the brands you can find on include Burberry, Rebecca Minkoff, Gucci, and Michael Kors. The website launched a year ago and has experienced tremendous growth. After just 1 year of launch, the company gathered 26,000 Twitter followers (@WantMuch) and 100,000 users with zero marketing spend.

muchness snapshot

Working for a fashion tech startup has been a great learning experience for me. As an intern, I am offered a lot of freedom to work on different areas that interest me. Being a shopping enthusiast, I receive a lot of emails and promotions from different stores. I am now able to see and understand the process behind sending those online promotions and create some of my own email campaigns. After following several fashion blogs, I am now creating my own posts for Muchness. The position really allows me to work on projects that I enjoy.

As a freshman, I am not sure what major I want to pursue, but I have always been interested in fashion. Working for Muchness has allowed me to learn more about marketing in a fashion industry setting. I have been able to see how websites use social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, to promote and inform users. This internship has helped me discover areas of business that I could see myself pursuing over the next four years.

So what’s up next for Muchness? A dedicated mobile application is in the works. The company is considering expanding outside the US market. Also, they are always looking for front- and back-end software developers to build out the tech team as well as individuals passionate about the blend of retail meeting tech for the marketing team.

Send your resumes to

Rosemary Johnson


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