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April 16, 2014 by Lainey

If you’ve heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test, then you’ve heard that certain types of people are drawn to certain majors and careers. We’ve taken a sample population out of the PCAs here at the BBA Career Services to help you figure out where you belong. Additional resources like walk-in career advising, Wayfinder, and career coaching are available as well, so check them out if you’re still making your “major” decision!

Accounting with Katie Karlovitz, ISTP


Katie Karlovitz, Peer Career Adviser

“My dad was a CFO of an insurance company. During my sophomore year of high school, I helped my dad out with some accounting and then later took an accounting course. I just fell in love with it. I am an outgoing person who likes to distract others, especially my coworkers. I’m a very hyper person yet when I’m in class and meeting new people, I get really shy. I’m a very good friend and love to hang out with them often.”




Marketing with Brandon Roy, ESFJ


Brandon Roye, TYF Program Coordinator Intern

“In BA 101, there was a video where one of the professors said ‘You can say really specific, calculated things to a person in a way that will elicit the response you want back.’ That’s the basis of marketing, and I’m interested in the way people think. I really enjoyed the Psychology class I took – I’ve always been interested in design, so Marketing really goes hand in hand with Advertising. Keeping my major within McCombs was important to me. I like to think that I am an approachable person. I also try to stay very open minded and positive in any and all situations. I put a lot of attention into details most people wouldn’t notice and not only make to-do lists, but also have a list of lists that I need to make! It’s like cleaning cleaning products. I try to avoid blaming other people for problems when conflicts arise – growth is more productive than putting someone down.”

Management Information Systems with Elaine Cen, ENFP


Elaine Cen, Peer Career Adviser

“I went through so many other possible majors, like Nursing, Pharmacy, and Marketing to name a few before I finally settled on MIS. There’s something that draws me towards technology – maybe it’s promise of infinite possibility? As for what type of person I am: I am very excitable and enthusiastic towards things that, well, excite me. I love to try new things and usually try to do my own thing. It’s not important to me to conform to social standards, and I am free-spirited yet disciplined and extremely hard-working in terms of meeting personal and career goals.”


International Business with Amanda Stoll, ISTP

Amanda Stoll-Program Manager

Amanda Stoll, TYF Program Coordinator

“I’ve always been fascinated by cultures and how that impacts different functions of business. It lets me delve into my interests. The major itself is very flexible and allows me to choose exactly what I want to focus on and what classes interest me. It’s a great prerequisite for law school. I’d describe myself as open-minded yet I’m still very analytic and Type A about certain things like work. When it’s not about work, I’m very spirited and like to have fun. I like to spend more time outdoors, but I always find an excuse not to because I’m kind of lazy in that respect.”



Wise Words from Megan Ehrisman, INFJ


Megan Ehrisman, Career Coach: Marketing

“In the end, it doesn’t really matter where you fit within the 16 personalities from the Myers-Briggs test. You’ll find all kinds of types in all sorts of majors and careers. I met with someone who wanted to go into Forestry but his type wasn’t suited for that career. It turns out that he was more into having conversations with the neighbors of the plot, or helping out with tourists coming to the area, as part of the people-aspect of that industry. So no matter what you want to do, you’ll find your niche in that career path.”

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If you’re interested in more resources about the Myers-Briggs personality testing, some resources have been provided for you below. The McCombs School of Business and the BBA Career Services office do not endorse any of these links.




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