Spring Forward Series: Stressbusting Tips for Finals Week

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May 12, 2014 by Lainey

stress-ball-8343500Finals week stress getting you down? There are a plethora of things you can do to help yourself get in the right mindset to make the most of your study time. BBA Career Services is here to help! If you’re already done with finals and have some downtime before you head home, drop by the BBA Career Services office at CBA 2.114 for career prep for this Fall. Utilize our friendly Peer Career Advisers before the Fall rush starts for resume reviews, cover letter help, and interview advice!

1. Optimize your nap taking ability!  Hint: Don’t ever sleep more than 30 minutes or less than one sleep cycle – you’ll end up more groggy than you started out with!
15 minutes or less nap – clarity, quick refresher, alertness, concentration
30 minute nap – begins to catch you up on missed sleep from the night before
1 hour and 15 minute nap – increased memorization skills, information processing

2. Do exercise for energy! For an energy boost after 5 PM, don’t take a nap – you’ll end up messing up your circadian rhythm. Try practicing yoga to get the blood circulating through your body and brain. It’ll be more effective and healthy for you in the long run than running on caffeine or taking a nap.

3. Study in cycles! Much of our stress comes from overdoing our studying in one sitting. Try to find your optimal study cycle: Is it 45 minutes of concentrated studying with a 15 minute break?

4. Practice ergonomics! Stress builds up in your muscles, especially those of your shoulders and back, starting from the moment you pick up a pencil or use a mouse. Don’t turn into a velociraptor while you study – make sure your desk is the right height and that your screen isn’t too bright.

5. Take time to eat food and drink plenty of fluids! If you’re not fueled for studying, your body will begin to shut down, rendering you less physically able to study effectively. If you’ve ever tried to study while hungry, it’s definitely much harder to concentrate well.

6. Talk to someone! Sometimes, the best comfort is from our loved ones and closest friends. Hanging out with them for just an hour a day or hearing their voice might help you relax from a strenuous day of studying.

As a last piece of advice, remember that you can’t study for 8 hours straight. It’s not humanly possible to stay concentrated for that long without running out of mental and physical fuel. The most important thing to remember during finals is to maintain balance. This means staying healthy, both mentally and physically. Keep out pointers in mind this finals season, and best of luck BBAs!


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