Internship Advice: BHP, Finance

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July 15, 2014 by Lainey

NBedenkopHeadshotNick Bedenkop
Major: BHP and Finance

Where will you be working?

PepsiCo, in the finance department of the Frito-Lay division.

Where did you intern?

I interned at AIG in New York City. I was in the risk management department where I worked on preparing for Federal regulation.

How did you go about getting your internship? 

I got my internship using OCR and attending the career fairs in the early fall and spring. I didn’t start recruiting until the spring semester of my junior year and had missed a significant number of deadlines. OCR was excellent because it provided me a huge database to scour in my internship search. I dropped resumes for all my interested jobs through that system and it is ultimately what landed my internship.

What classes were the most valuable in getting your job or during your internship?

The most valuable classes I used in my internship were Investments (FIN367), Intermediate Accounting (ACC326), and Intro to Management Informations Systems (MIS301).

What advice would you give others as they search for an internship?

My best advice would be to start early and keep in contact with the recruiters that you meet on campus, whether through Career Services events or through various speakers that visit student organizations. One of the easiest things to do is panic and wait too long to get serious about your internship. Starting early gives you the broadest range of companies to recruit with, and having company contacts makes it easier to get your name in the candidate pool.

What skills do you think were most important for you to have in your internship?

The most important skill I had was my knowledge of Microsoft Excel. I was told that it would be important going in and that proved true. Every day was spent in Excel spreadsheets trying to link information and read financial statements. General accounting knowledge was also important because I was expected to understand what the files that crossed my desk meant and how they represented the company as a whole. The overarching theme during my internship was that it was my responsibility to know the financial markets, accounting statements, and other general concepts, and the specific details could be learned along the way.

How has Career Services helped you?

I have used Career Services extensively in my job searches. The resources available are excellent, and anything you need Career Services offers. I have had my resume reviewed by peer career advisors, been to multiple career fairs, RSVP’d for specific company events on campus, and the like. Career Services made my job search manageable and was willing to help anytime that I felt lost.


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