Case Interview Popularity Growing with Employers

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August 5, 2014 by texasbbacareerservices

BBA Career Services has seen a trend in more employers outside of Consulting using Case Interview Techniques so we asked a few employers to share their advice with you! Check out the below advice and see the BBA Career Services calendar for upcoming case workshops this August and early September!


“PepsiCo primarily interviews using behavioral questions where we ask the candidates to tell us about a situation when they faced a problem during a school project or at work.  We ask them to walk us through how they assessed the situation and came to their solution in addition to  explaining the resulting outcome.  This allows us to gauge a candidate’s ability to work with others, prioritize and do things the “right way” – all essential for careers at PepsiCo.  However, we also typically ask a situational “mini-case” type question that puts the candidate in a hypothetical business situation and ask them to explain how they would go about solving the problem, what they would look into, etc.  Not only does this allow us to gauge their thought process and analytical skills, but it gives us a sense of how well they researched our company/industry.  It is important for candidates to demonstrate their business and functional acumen through their answer along with some knowledge of our industry.  We suggest students prepare for these types of interviews by researching PepsiCo and the CPG industry to get a sense of possible business situations that they could encounter as an employee at PepsiCo.  It is helpful to think through how to apply what they learned at school and through other business related experiences to solve these problems.  In these situations, it is important for candidates to demonstrate that they have thought through all aspects of the situation while clearly elaborating more on a few of the most important areas to solve the problem.”


Capital One Interviewers/Casers are looking for you to demonstrate abilities across three dimensions:


Communication Skills

  • Engagement and interest
  • Clear articulation of thinking
  • Pointed questions
  • Structured responses

Conceptual Problem Solving

  • Logical approach
  • Reasonable assumptions
  • Creativity
  • Prioritization
  • Strategic thinking
  • Action bias
  • Dynamic problem solving

Quantitative Analytics

  • Tying numbers back to “reality”
  • Common analytical tools
  • Sanity checking
  • Avoids logical fallacies
  • Facility with numbers

Capital One Cases have three types of questions to demonstrate these abilities (though not all cases will be exactly in this order):

Key Case Concepts

  • Introduce the context of the case and your business goals
  • Ask you questions to identify the key factors that impact the business case

Key Analysis Questions

  • Work with you to identify the data that will measure the key factors that have been introduced
  • Ask you to set up and solve appropriate equations (eg. total profit) to answer the relevant analytical question


  • Tie together the conceptual & analytic problems that you have solved
  • Ask you to assert what you think is the solution, and provide strengths & drawbacks

Demonstrate your communication, analytic, and problem solving skills throughout the case!


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