Marketing Major Spotlight: Southwest Airlines Internship

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August 18, 2014 by texasbbacareerservices

sophia vickersSophia Vickers

Where did you intern?
I interned at Southwest Airlines in Dallas. I was in the People Department, in which I worked as the Employment Intern.

What classes were the most valuable in getting your job or during your internship?
The most valuable classes I used in my internship were BA 324 (Business Communications) and Marketing 460 (Information and Analysis).

What was your internship experience like?
It is safe to say that my internship experience at Southwest Airlines exceeded every one of my expectations. It would be quite the understatement to say that there is no better place to work. Everyone at headquarters seems to have the “Work Hard, Play Hard” mentality which truly makes you feel as though you are part of the big, Southwest Family! In regards to my specific position, it was awesome to see how much trust my team had in me as an intern, and thus, in turn, worked firsthand on several high-level projects with senior leaders. I also got the opportunity to plan an intern community service event at a local food bank, in which we had a great turnout of roughly 70 interns present. It is incredibly wonderful that Southwest Airlines allows the interns to take time out of their busy workdays to volunteer in the community and give back to those in need. At the end of the day, I couldn’t have even begun to imagine how much I ended up truly loving my internship at Southwest Airlines!

What advice would you give others as they search for an internship?
My advice would be to start searching for internships early on and continue to explore any networks you may have as viable options. Whether it’s networking at a career fair with employers or just everyday networking with professors or friends and family, it always surprises me how much networking can help along the way with recommendations for internships and/or full-time jobs. I would also recommend attending information sessions since that is a great time to get some individualized time with company employees and perhaps exchange contact information.

What skills do you think were most important for you to have in your internship?
The most important skill I had were my communication skills. I don’t think a single day passed by at my internship that it was not an essential part of my position to use strong interpersonal skills. Whether it was presenting a PowerPoint deck in front of senior management, or coordinating interviews for the future intern class, I was consistently tasked with communicating relevant and timely information, all while still showing your “fun-LUVing” attitude.

How has Career Services helped you?
Career Services has greatly helped me get to the place I am today regarding internships and preparation for postgrad employment. I definitely think that Career Services does a great job relating upcoming events to the students in the Business School by sending emails and providing flyers about career fair events, information sessions, as well as continuously updating OCR. I think with the combination of all three of these resources, the recruiting process tends to be a little less daunting. Overall, it is very reassuring to know that Career Services is there to answer any questions you may have along the way!

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