Digging Up Experiences – A Caterpillar Intern’s Tale

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August 21, 2014 by texasbbacareerservices

CAT blogAngela Morisette
Grad Date:
Spring 2015

“So, I see that tractors/machines are not on your list of interests – how do you know you’d be a good fit at Caterpillar?”

There it was. This was the big ending question in my final round of interviews for Caterpillar – why would a female student like me, seemingly interested in technology marketing and financial analysis from my previous work experience, be a great fit for the best industrial engine and machinery company in the world?

“Well, I went to the Caterpillar info session, and something that struck me as unique is that Caterpillar truly believes in competitively positioning itself to provide top-notch products to help build the world. I may not know a lot about machines/engines yet, but I am a fast learner that is interested in seeing what makes the leader in global construction leader work. Marketing Caterpillar products would be rewarding, as I know that they are helping to build a better tomorrow.”

Learn more and apply for Caterpillar intern and full-time Marketing opportunities via OCR. Deadline: October 14, 2014

Learn more and apply for Caterpillar intern and full-time Marketing opportunities via OCR. Deadline: October 14, 2014

Ok. So I took Caterpillar’s tag line of “Today’s Work. Tomorrow’s World” and weaved that into my answer; now, that may seem like a cliché marketing major move, but I meant every word. My goal for this summer was to use my education to help create a positive global impact, and after my interview, I fortunately learned I’d have the opportunity to do that at Caterpillar as a Technical Marketing Intern in Houston.

Before the internship started in May, I started to get the pre-internship jitters – what if I was given projects that didn’t impact too much? What if Caterpillar had said all of those things about building a better world, but was really more driven by other motives? And the last question that ran through my mind: Would I really be happy during my time at Caterpillar?

But when my 12-week internship started up in May, all my fears slid aside. From the first week of training, I knew that Caterpillar’s slogans and values of Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, Commitment, and Sustainability were more than just empty words – each phrase and word had company support and emphasis behind it. As the internship progressed, I could see that each one of my projects, whether it was helping to optimize a marketing IT system, benchmark social media practices, or planning a sustainability-focused Energy Day festival presence was centered on helping fulfill these objectives.

Also apparent was Caterpillar’s dedication to helping myself and the other interns grow our knowledge of the Oil & Gas industry and Caterpillar’s other business divisions. We took multiple trips to museums such as the Museum of Natural Science and OceanStar (offshore drilling rig museum), visited CAT dealerships, and took a factory visit in Seguin, and I also had the opportunity to attend an Oil & Gas consulting summit. This internship projects and trips took the concepts I learned in accounting, MIS, marketing, and operations management and displayed how they truly function in a world-class business – a great way to crystalize concepts in a “live” setting.

As my internship has come to a close, I am sad to see it end – the work experience, friendships I’ve made, and educational experiences were invaluable, and I had a happiness-filled summer. I am thankful to have worked at Caterpillar, and I want to thank everyone at Caterpillar for truly investing in their employees, product, and voice of their customers. I know that if they continue their efforts, then Caterpillar will – just like they have since 1925 – continue to build Tomorrow’s World.


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