Mu Sigma University – Kickoff Your Journey Into The World of Decision Sciences

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August 26, 2014 by texasbbacareerservices

Author: Connor Caldicott

As a decision scientist, I solve complex business problems and work directly with Fortune 500 clients every day. Now, “Who is a decision scientist?” you might ask.  A person who makes sense out of the ever-growing underlying data to help corporations, cities and governments etc. answer complex questions and make smarter decisions is a decision scientist. “How does a decision scientist do that?” you might ask. A good decisions scientist helps answer such questions by using a combination of Math, Business, and Technology. picture one

Clients have questions like “What are the right metrics I need to use to track my sales effectively?“, or a more complex one like “How can I understand the asymmetric effect of flight delays on future flight purchases?” The answer lies in the unique combination of Math, Business and Technology. There is no better place to learn these 3 elements in unison than the Mu Sigma University in Austin, Texas.

Shortly after being hired as an analyst, I spent two months in Austin with a cohort of new analysts from all over the US.  While I did not initially expect to go back to a university-like environment so quickly, I quickly understood how valuable the time between college graduation and becoming a decision scientist really is.

Apart from classes and hands on practice sessions, every analyst hire gets a chance to work on an interesting real world client project and receives invaluable mentorship from associates and engagement managers working on those projects. I loved my mock project, which focused on helping a global retailer optimize pricing for one of its produce categories, because it was a great way for me to collaborate with my peers and get used to the types of real problems I would later help solve.

picture 2The best part about Mu Sigma University is that you truly get immersed in the working culture and the school of thought that makes the company so unique.  Whether it is learning the art of problem solving, meeting the CEO in person, experiencing a culture of open communication, or better understanding how to tackle Big Data, it is immediately evident that this company is pioneering the decision sciences industry.

After two months of training, final exam and successful mock project I graduated from the Mu Sigma University and have been allocated to a client where no two days at Mu Sigma are the same. “Transformational” would be the one word to describe my time at Mu Sigma University.

Outside the classroom, Austin is very warm, young, fun and is an excellent place topicture 3 explore as you get to know your fellow analysts.  I still remember the great street food we used to get after our late night project discussions, which was also the tastiest meal of the day.

The world around us is changing faster than ever, making “Knowing” things obsolete. This is exactly why Mu Sigma’s philosophy of “learning > knowing” resonated the most with me.  Regardless of how fast paced our world becomes, I can confidently say that Mu Sigma University has prepared me with the skills and experiences necessary to truly impact the way complex problems are solved in the changing business world.

Learn more and apply for the Full-Time Analyst opportunity via OCR. Deadline: September 15, 2014.

Learn more and apply for the Full-Time Analyst opportunity via OCR. Deadline: September 15, 2014.


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