Financial Management/IARCS Intern Experience at KPMG

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September 4, 2014 by texasbbacareerservices

DanielleSisemoreKPMGblogpic1Danielle Sisemore
Finance Major
Grad Date: May 2015
Title: Financial Management/IARCS Intern

Tell us about your intern experience:
I had an incredible experience and was a part of KPMG’s Global Internship Program! I worked half of the summer abroad in Malaysia and the other half in the Dallas, TX office. When I say the Dallas office, I really mean New York. As a consultant, you spend most of your time traveling somewhere else to the client site, and I had the opportunity to travel to New York for a client, which was incredible. Through the global rotation, I was able to gain a global perspective by working somewhere where the business culture is similar but definitely has some differences. Malaysia was an incredible country, with so much diversity in culture. This was far different than what I expected my summer to be like, but I really enjoyed the work and people there. We made the most of every weekend and traveled to different countries, saw the city of Kuala Lumpur, and tried all the food!  This opportunity is unlike any other that firms have to offer, and made my internship something I will never forget.

Learn more and apply for Target Corporate intern and full-time opportunities via OCR. Deadlines: September 11 & 12, 2014.

Learn more and apply for KPMG intern and full-time opportunities via OCR. Deadlines: September 11, 2014

How did you go about getting your internship:
Thankfully McCombs does a great job preparing you and helping you out along the way. I applied through OCR and the KPMG website and was selected for an interview from there. Prior to this I made sure I had positive leadership roles, a good GPA, and stayed involved on campus.

Why did you choose KPMG to intern with:
I had heard a lot of great things about KPMG through people on campus. When I began recruiting with them, I loved all the people I met and I knew that they were people I wanted to work with. The impact of liking the people you work with is huge; it makes the work more enjoyable. Not to mention the Global Internship Program, this definitely caught my attention. I am a big traveler, and to see that a firm was willing to invest that much in their interns just shows you how much they value you at the firm and the endless opportunities to come.

Tell us about your experience living in a new place for the summer:DanielleSisemoreKPMGBlogpicture2
I technically stayed in my apartment in Dallas 5 nights; the rest was spent in a hotel whether it was during national intern training in Orlando, working in Malaysia, or the rest of the time in New York. As a 21 year old and someone who is about to graduate college, this is a great career. You have endless opportunities to travel, network, and gain unique experiences.

What classes do you think were the most valuable in getting your internship:
Personally, I think any class where you’re using excel is the most applicable to any internship or job you will have. Classes like FIN 374C, and STA 371G are ones I found most valuable. I gained insight on valuation skills, risk management skills, and others that I was able to apply even in the two month summer internship.

What advice would you give to others as they search for an internship:
An internship is a very important step in your career path. The location, people, and work within the job are something you need to make sure you enjoy. I was lucky to find a firm like KPMG where I love the people, I enjoy traveling, and I also enjoy the work. Your internship could possibly lead into the fulltime job you take after college, so don’t just settle!

Please share your general career advice:
Take advantage of all networking opportunities. This doesn’t just mean going to the information sessions (which definitely helps), it means meeting people and keeping that connection. The people you meet in the interview process, the small information sessions, or any related company event will be there during your internship, and it is helpful to have really invested time in the relationship and have that connection.

Also, for a firm like KPMG, express interest if you want to travel, or if you enjoy a certain type of work. If you never tell them, they will never know and you might miss the opportunity.

Visit with KPMG reps at the Career Expo and the McCombs Diversity Council Dinner on September 10! For more information about KPMG please visit

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