Management Student Experience: Deloitte Human Capital Consulting Summer Scholar Internship

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September 15, 2014 by texasbbacareerservices

SaraSara Saastamoinen
Major: Management (Consulting and Change Track) and Plan II Honors
Grad Date: Spring 2015
Title: Human Capital Consulting Summer Scholar

Tell us about your intern experience:
I had a wonderful summer internship experience with Deloitte Consulting LLP in Chicago, Illinois in the Human Capital service area! I worked with the Compensation Strategies team on nine different client engagements and two additional projects—one internal for Deloitte and one for a non-profit. It was definitely the best internship experience I had, and I highly recommend those interested in consulting to check out Deloitte!

How did you go about getting your internship:
My recruiting process was pretty typical: I wrote my cover letter and resume specific to consulting and to why I was interested in Deloitte, had them reviewed by the helpful staff at BBA Career Services, and spoke with Deloitte recruiters at the McCombs Undergraduate Career Expo. After that, I submitted my information through OCR and on Deloitte’s website, attended Deloitte’s “ace the case” preparation session and “night prior” dinner before my first round interview. Everything went well, and I got a second round interview and then the offer!


What advice would you give to others as they search for an internship and go through recruiting?
Recruiters sift through a lot of resumes and cover letters and interviewers sit through a lot of interviews in one (or more!) days—make sure you stand out, for good reasons! Having BBA Career Services look over my resume helped me tailor my leadership experience to what consulting firms were looking for as well as make me comfortable networking with practitioners, knowing what questions to ask, and what else I should research.

In terms of selecting a firm, make sure you find not only the work that you love, but also the people you love! Keep in mind that you will be with these people for 40 hours each week and probably more with outside of work activities; you want to enjoy being around them and working with them! After my second round interview, I wanted to fly back to Chicago to go to lunch again with my interviewers and chat—that’s when I knew that Deloitte was the place I should intern!
Why did you choose Deloitte Consulting to intern with:
Like I mentioned above, I think the people of the firm and its culture is really the final piece of the puzzle that you want to make sure fits your vision of your career. I had found a few firms that did the type of work I wanted to do, but for me, Deloitte was the best fit in terms of personality and culture. It was also important for me to be working with the best people in the industry and getting the chance to work for the #1 Human Capital Consulting firm in the nation!

What classes do you think were the most valuable in getting your internship:
The two McCombs classes that stand out to be specifically—and that I spoke about in my interviews—were Consulting and Change Management with Dr. Kathy Edwards and Strategic Human Resources Management with Dr. Kristi Loescher. Both of these classes taught me a lot about what being a consultant is like, and we even had the opportunity to work for a client in Austin to practice providing consulting services. More than great theory behind what makes great consultants great, my real-life consulting experience through these classes prepared me not only for the interviews but for my internship as well!

What skills do you think were most important for you to have in your internship?
Creative thinking, attention to detail, problem solving, keeping a positive attitude, and communicating professionally were the most important skills for my success as a consulting intern. These skills had been honed by my experience at McCombs, through my on-campus jobs, and leadership in student organizations, but working at Deloitte helped strengthen them!

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