MIS Alumni Spotlight: Aon Corporation

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September 16, 2014 by texasbbacareerservices


Aysha Welch, Major: Management Information Systems, Grad date: May of 2013, Current Position: Aon Corporation, Workday Configuration Specialist – Advanced.

Please tell us about your career path and how you found your way to Aon.
In the summer of 2012, I started as an intern in the Learning Administration space at Aon Hewitt in The Woodlands, TX. I assisted with testing in a learning management system for one of our Canadian clients who were going through implementation. I also assisted with small projects in Talent operations, which consists of Learning Administration, Performance Management, and Compensation. At the conclusion of my internship, I was given the opportunity to extend my internship through my Senior year at UT. Additionally, I received a full-time offer to join the Launch 2013 class.

During the extension of my internship, I worked on different video projects for recruiting and marketing purposes. One of the projects included editing a video for a Launch 2012 colleague who went on a global trip to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Mumbai. Although video editing was outside the scope of my role in Learning Administration, I expressed my passion for video editing during my summer internship which opened the door for these different opportunities.

Learn more and apply for Aon Corporation opportunities via OCR. Deadlines: September 21 and October 24, 2014.

Learn more and apply for Aon Corporation opportunities via OCR. Deadlines: September 21 and October 24, 2014.

After graduation, I started as a full-time colleague in Learning Administration as an invoicing specialist for Prudential Financial. In this role, I processed invoices on behalf of the client through vendors in which the client’s employees attended training classes. I gained experience in financials, speaking with a variety of vendors, and constantly communicating with the client to ensure every penny was accounted for. As a part of the Launch 2013 class, I served as the Project Manager for the HR BPO (HR Business Process Outsourcing) Launch colleagues who participated in 4 committees throughout our 1 year in the program. These committees consisted of Onboarding, Engagement, Volunteer, and Events. I served as the line of communication between my fellow Launchers and the colleagues who led the Launch program at our location. Additionally, I continued to work on various video projects such as recruitment videos, a virtual tour video of our location, and series of leadership videos. I also participate in the Cross Cultural Initiative, which is a group of Launch colleagues who assist our Business Resource Groups(BRG) and promote diversity and inclusion throughout our location. I am also on the leadership committee of the Blacks United in Leading Diversity (BUILD) BRG. Upon graduation from the Launch program in July of 2014, I wanted to steer back to my MIS roots. I moved into a role on the Configuration Support Team on Workday, in which I  assist with configuration the HR cloud-based system, Workday to meet the client’s needs.

What do you like about working for Aon?
The people. The colleagues here at Aon are amazing. There are have been numerous colleagues who have served as a support system and assisted in my growth in my short time here at the company. Everyone is open to providing feedback and really having my best interest in mind. You are in close proximity with senior level leaders who are open to sharing their experiences and explaining how they have obtained success throughout their career. It truly makes a difference when the people make your work space a great environment to work in every day. I have definitely made lasting friendships and working relationships with the colleagues here. It speaks volumes when “the people” is a consistent answer across the firm as to why people love working here as much as they do. People make the difference.

What are some benefits of the Launch program?
One of the great benefits to the Launch program is that you are starting your career with a group of people who are in your same situation – new city, fresh out of college, starting your career. It is awesome to be able to have people to relate to and confide in as you endure the challenges and successes in the beginning of your career. I have developed lasting relationships with some of the people in my Launch class and it has really provided a great support system with my peers. It is also great because with those that are new to the city like you, you instantly have a group of people who you can find new things to do together after work or on the weekends. With the Launch program, you don’t have to feel alone if you have entered a new city or if you live by yourself. Another benefit is that the Launch colleagues are dispersed throughout different business segments so that provides an easy way to learn about what Aon has to offer. Fellow Launchers in my class shadowed each other and created learning opportunities on our own. Even for those Launchers who are in the same business segment, we were able to bounce ideas off of each other and problem solve whenever we encountered a problem that the other may have already encountered. These benefits are only a few of all of the great benefits of the Launch program.

What skills make a person successful in your position?
In my current role, the key actions to success would be to listen, take notes, ask questions, take the initiate and seek learning opportunities, think outside of the box, and apply what you learn. The skills that would be beneficial for this role would be someone who has great problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, and great listening skills.

Please share your general career advice.
Never be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are only learning opportunities so approach your work with confidence and even if you may make a mistake, you can use that as an opportunity to improve upon your own skills. Always ask questions. In the workplace, there is no such thing as a dumb question because every question adds value to your experience as a new colleague. Raising a question may even provide a different level of insight to other colleagues on your team which would allow them to see that you are providing a fresh perspective on things. Also, be sure to obtain a healthy work/life balance in the beginning of your career. It is important to work hard but it is just as important to focus on your personal life. You will enjoy your work experience so much more if you have found that healthy balance.


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