Student Experience: Technology Analyst Intern at Southwest Airlines

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September 22, 2014 by texasbbacareerservices

trinabuisouthwestblogTrina Bui
Major: BHP, MIS
Grad Date: 2015
Technology Analyst Summer Intern

I’d like to first say that everything you’ve heard about Southwest Airlines culture is in fact true! …at least the positive things.  This summer, I was the Technology Analyst Intern at Southwest Airlines (SWA), specifically as a part of the Product Solutions – Revenue Accounting team.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I got was a lot more than I could ever ask for.

My team welcomed me in with a huge banner and extreme enthusiasm. My team members and I had plenty of one-on-ones the first few days to get me introduced to the airlines industry, how Southwest fits into it, how technology backs Southwest in their endeavors, and the background to the applications that our team supports.  My role required me to help Revenue Accounting manage the changes they had to make in production as well as the interaction between Southwest and their third-party vendor who helped them with their revenue reporting system.  Although all the information entering my brain felt overwhelming at some point, my wonderful manager and teammates were always there to answer my questions and resolve any confusion I had.

I was also a part of a unique technology intern class that was eleven people strong. A group from the technology family at Southwest came to meet us on our first day at orientation to both greet us and pump us up for the pilot project they wanted to pursue.  The project they handed us split all the technology interns into two different teams.  As a part of our separate teams, we were competing with the opposing team to find the best solution to locating and reserving the many conference rooms located at Southwest’s corporate buildings.  This project allowed me to talk to a variety of people from different departments at SWA and learn how to pull requirements to build a solid business proposal.  After a few months of gathering details, creating budget reports, and working on our slideshow proposal, we presented our solution to Randy Sloan, Southwest’s CIO.  It was an extremely nerve-racking and enlightening experience!

Southwest, however, isn’t all about work and no play. Throughout the entire summer, SWA hosted parties on their deck every Monday for all its employees.  There were countless intern events, including a wonderful volunteer event at the North Texas Food Drive, to help us become closer as a group.  Then, who could forget the unlimited flight privileges (with the one requirement that you are always at work when you’re supposed to).  I made unforgettable memories with my fellow intern friends on our random trips to San Juan, Seattle, San Diego, and New York (to name a few).  All in all, it may sound very cliché, but Southwest inducted me into their very own loving family the moment I walked in.  They taught me all there is to know about airplanes, customer service, and just loving one another.

It really was the flight of my life!


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