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October 2, 2014 by texasbbacareerservices

TIblogChalonda2Chalonda Goodman, BBA Marketing Alumnus
(May 2013)

How many of you are looking for an ideal job that allows you to make an impact and love your job at the same time? How many of you are interested in working for Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI), but you are not sure if the Marketing Associates (MA) rotational program is the best avenue for you? There are several reasons why the MA program is one of the best new college graduate rotational programs at TI.

I graduated from the McCombs School of Business in May 2013 with a BBA in Marketing. I am also a former student-athlete as well. I currently work at TI as a Marketing and Communications Program Manager in the MA rotational program.

Program Overview

Learn more and apply for the TI Marketing Communications Internship via OCR. Deadline: October 6, 2014.

Learn more and apply for the TI Marketing Communications Internship via OCR. Deadline: October 6, 2014.

This comprehensive program consists of two challenging eighteen month rotations (US)or four challenging six-month assignments (outside of the U.S.) structured around different TI communications and digital marketing functions and businesses. Rotations are available in marketing communications, media relations, channel communications, internet marketing, database, university relations, corporate citizenship, corporate communications, on-line communities and the digital/mobile communication areas. Here, you will develop and execute programs that target customers around the world in support of TI’s goal to grow market share. You will work closely with TI marketing and management groups to articulate and manage communication messages that are relative to TI’s overall strategy.

Benefits of the MA Program

There are several benefits to being part of the MA program that will be an asset to your career. For instance, you gain valuable skills in a collaborative environment that will put you in direct contact with leaders across TI. Also, you receive customized coaching, training, and mentoring. For example, we often have roundtable discussions with vice presidents to gain insight. In addition, you have the opportunity to be proactive and manage multiple programs and campaigns for a large customer base. Lastly, the MA program is highly versatile, allowing you to experience various areas within TI.

My Favorite Aspect of the MA Program

I enjoy having the opportunity to manage high priority projects as well as experiencing various areas within the company. For example, I managed the worldwide campaign launch for the mid-voltage MOSFETs. The campaign was one of the best performing Power Management campaigns in Q2. Therefore, I had the humbling privilege to present the campaign results and findings to one of the vice presidents, during the quarterly communications review meeting. That priceless experience is just one of several that validates the impeccable value of the MA program.

Ultimately, I am making an impact and loving my job at the same time. The McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas prepared me for this astonishing career at TI. It is true what they say. “What starts here changes the World.”

To learn more about the MA program and TI in general, please visit Hook’em Horns! \m/

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