[Falling Into Success Post #2:] Meet Your 2014 Peer Coaches, Part I


October 27, 2014 by Lainey

Now that it’s halfway through the semester, we wanted to make a special blog feature to introduce y’all to your Fall 2014 peer coaching team at the Texas BBA Career Services in CBA 2.116! These helpful and friendly Peer Coaches (or “PCs” as we like to call them) are here to help you with resume/cover letter reviews and answer any quick career-related questions you might have! We are a fantastic resource for spring recruiting, so don’t be shy — we’re human and can prove it too! Read some fun and interesting facts about our team:


Kiara Collins

Kiara Collins, Senior
Major: IB and International Relations and Global Studies, Track: Culture, Media, and the Arts; Minor in African and African Diaspora Studies
Star Sign: Capricorn
  • I was in a pageant for the first time in 2013
  • I have studied German language at UT for almost two years
  • The countries outside of the US that I have traveled to are Germany, Jamaica, and Mexico

Deanna Wiblitzhouser

Deanna Wiblitzhouser, Senior
Major: Corporate Finance, Minor in Accounting
Star Sign: Aries
  • I was a child model for a Build-A-Bear fashion show
  • I marched in the London New Years parade
  • My last name means “House of Lightning”
  • I grew up on an island
  • I broke my wrist and then hiked up a volcano
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is Bubble Gum
Sakshi Bhatnagar, SophomoreSakshi Bhathnagar
Major: MIS
Certificate: Computer Science
Star Sign: Pisces
  • My friends held an intervention for me for watching too many TV shows
  • I broke my chin while playing tag
  • I’ve lived in 4 cities in 3 countries
  • When I was little, I used to mix up the words “chicken” and “kitchen”


Nikita Ahuja, Sophomore
Major: Marketing
Star Sign: Leo
  • I used to figure-skate competitively
  • I am involved in Texas Spirits
  • I like finishing Rubiks cubes
  • I am the Internal VP of McCombs Diversity Council
  • I had corn rows when I was 8
  • I am running the Austin Half Marathon in February

Rachel Heath

Rachel Heath, Junior
Major: MIS
Certificate: Business Law and Public Policy
Star Sign: Sagittarius
  • I have two family members that fought in the American Revolution
  • I am descended from the St. Andrews Clan of Scotland
  • I am a certified scuba diver
  • I make tiered cakes in my spare time

Alexandra Koenig

Alexandra (Allie) Koenig, Senior
Major: Corporate Finance, Minor in Art History
Certificate: Ethics & Leadership: Business Ethics
Star Sign: Aquarius
  • I have self diagnosed Anosmia (where you have no sense of smell)
  • I almost hit Lance Armstrong during a rainstorm while he was biking on a bridge
  • I lived in Italy and met the mayor of Florence
Christy KimChristy Kim, Sophomore
Major: Accounting
Star Sign: Capricorn
  • I lived in Washington for 6 years before moving to Texas
  • I have an obsession for the movie Titanic
  • I’ve practiced violin for 8 years
  • My nickname is “Chrispy”
  • I am training for the Austin Half Marathon along with Allie and Nikita

Hayden McMurray

Hayden McMurrey, Junior
Major: BHP/Finance major, accounting minor
Star Sign: Aquarius

  • I went to Patagonia last summer! Oddly enough, they do not make or sell “Patagonia” brand jackets there
  • I won my 5th grade spelling bee, but lost in the first round at districts
  • I make mean migas


Meet the rest of the Peer Coaches in the Meet Your 2014 Peer Coaches, Part 2 blog. If you’re one of the lucky McCombs undergrads to be graduating this Fall, best of luck in your post-graduation career! #UT15 #TexasEX #GiveMeMyDiploma #HookEmHorns

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