[Falling Into Success Post #5:] Our Ethics Policy & Consequences

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December 2, 2014 by Lainey

Not only are finals coming up, but some of you students may also be finding yourself reaching the end of your offer/interview deadlines. On top of that, some of you lucky ducks may be balancing multiple offers, interviews, and deadlines!

Whew! That, in and of itself, is a lot of pressure for anyone to be handling while, in all likelihood, you are making one of the biggest decisions you’ve ever made in your entire life.

At your BBA Career Services office, we understand your situation – we help students every day position themselves for success in their future careers. We wanted to help you make the right decision this fall, so this blog post is here to educate, warn, and provide you with the right resources to make that decision!

Watch out for these situations below and don’t forget we’re here to help!

Picture1DANGER ZONE of Possible Ethics Policy Violating Situations You Might Find Yourself In:

Not wanting to risk missing out on a potential, “better” offer than the one you’ve already accepted.
Having already accepted an offer but wanting to gain additional interviewing experience.

The “Danger Zone” leads us to reiterate the McCombs Career Services Code of Ethics. *Cue dramatic music*

Important Highlights that EVERY Student Should Know About the McCombs Career Services Code of Ethics:

1. Once you’ve officially accepted an offer, you CANNOT back out of your agreement to work for that company.

2. Once you’ve officially accepted an offer, you CANNOT continue to interview with other companies.

3. As a McCombs student, you agreed to follow the McCombs Career Services Code of Ethics and therefore MUST abide by anything outlined in the McCombs Career Services Code of Ethics.

Will BBA Career Services find out if students have breached the ethics policy? YES.

Aside from the few cases where employers have breached the ethics policy, employers more often report students who have backed out on officially accepted offers OR who have continued to interview with them while having an offer from another company. Once our office has confirmed the situation with these employers, we have to lay down the law of the land – trust me, we don’t want to do this, so please don’t find yourself in this situation. It’s important for us to uphold the ethics policy so that we can maintain our great McCombs reputation with employers and keep them coming back, plus we don’t want other students missing out on opportunities that could have been available to them!

The Consequences for Violating the McCombs Career Services Code of Ethics:

Two things will happen, both of which constitute severe penalties for students found in violation of the McCombs Career Services Code of Ethics.

  1. Violators are blocked from using OCR permanently.
  2. Violators will be referred to the Dean of Students’ Student Judicial Services, the governing body for investigating ethics and academic violations of UT Austin students and implementing the disciplinary process. In addition to a permanent mark on your academic record, penalties can include service hours and expulsion.

The bottom line is: if you’ve verbally accepted or signed the offer letter, you’re officially done with recruiting! It’s as simple as that!


Do you have an offer to report?
We urge you to report all declined and accepted offers – this boosts McComb’s rankings and attracts more recruiters for next year! Hook ’em!

click to report your offer

Want more advice on how to handle multiple offers or negotiate your offer?
Find the Career Coach for your major and schedule an appointment. Alternatively, stop by our office at CBA 2.116 to pick up a “Handling Multiple Offers” or “Negotiation Techniques” handout, or give us a call at 512-232-3796 between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Peer Coaches will be available for walk-ins to discuss how to handle multiple offers, among other career-related issues, Monday through Friday.

Facebook icon 01Follow us on Facebook to get the most updated calendar of events, career coach walk-ins, and peer coach walk-ins available to you each week!

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