BBA Finance Alumni Spotlight: HEB Financial Analyst

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February 16, 2015 by texasbbacareerservices

CameronHEBblogs2Cameron Knox, Finance Major, Class of 2013, Financial Analyst

Please tell us about your career path and how you found your way to HEB.

I have been with HEB since they brought me in as an intern during the summer of 2012. Spending the summer as an intern helped me learn the ins and outs of how HEB’s Finance division operated and provided support to the greater company. After this, I went and worked at one of their retail stores in North Austin while I finished my degree. Right after graduating I joined HEB’s Finance Planning and Analysis team, where I have been working since!

What do you like about working for HEB?

HEB is a fantastic company to work for. HEB truly values their Partners (not employees!), the community, and their role as a major retailer in Texas. Decisions are never made without careful consideration of how a decision might impact a city/community/family/partner.

From a Partner standpoint, HEB is a company that rewards those that are willing to work hard and make a difference! In the Finance Planning and Analysis division,  there are many different teams to suit many different professional interests and development.  Since our Finance team is integrated into every part of the company, it is very easy to figure out where your interest lies and quickly get involved! Being a part of the many different facets of a retail business helps to quickly build your experience and enhance your professional development.

Learn more and apply for the FT-Associate Financial Analyst (RC) via OCR. Deadline: March 2, 2015.

Learn more and apply for the FT-Associate Financial Analyst (RC) via OCR. Deadline: March 24, 2015.

HEB puts an emphasis on developing and internally promoting talent. There are many different career path options, like I mentioned above, especially in the Finance division. If you can name a part of a retail business, our Finance team is at some level involved in it! The Finance team is also nestled in HEB’s downtown campus called the Arsenal. Being in the heart of San Antonio, there are many historical locales,  unique restaurants, and other interesting places that are right nearby.

What does this job entail?

I work for the operations side of Finance, where we manage everything from forecasting and budgeting for future years to analysis on possible opportunities at individual stores. We manage a mix of long term planning and day to day analysis on business opportunities.

What skills make a person successful in this position?

Like all positions at HEB, a willingness to work hard and learn is required. As for specific skills, both advanced skills in Excel and managing multiple projects simultaneously is a must. Since we work with every facet of the company, being able to effectively communicate with many different personalities is also critical. Other than those specific skills, I reemphasize that being able to adapt and learn will make you successful at HEB!

Please share your general career advice?

Never be afraid to ask questions and take on new roles and responsibilities. If you are 100% comfortable in your job, it is time to do more!


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