BBA Supply Chain Management Alumni Spotlight: SC Global Tubular Solutions

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September 14, 2015 by texasbbacareerservices

SCGTSblogGrad Photo

Ashley McAdams
Major: Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Graduation Year: May 2015
Company: SC Global Tubular Solutions (SCGTS)
Title: Business Operations Analyst

How I Got Started with SCGTS

I was first introduced to SC Global Tubular Solutions at the September 2014 Career Fair. I had been keeping track of companies attending the Career Fair through posts put out by Career Services. After reading about SCGTS, I knew instantly that I wanted to interview with them because their work relates to my academic major. I was completely sold when the recruiters at their booth told me about the international travel opportunities the job offers. Having completed two study abroad programs while in college, they could tell I like to travel and am comfortable living overseas. I went through the interview process, loved the company and the people, and was offered the job!

What I Like About Working for SCGTS

Many, if not most, of the companies that recruit students with supply chain management (SCM) majors at UT are in the oil & gas business. I interviewed with and was recruited by several that were Fortune 500 companies. What I like about SCGTS is that you have an opportunity to work with multiple operators. Being a global supply chain management consulting company for the energy industry, we are contracted by major players, like Shell, BP, and ExxonMobil, as well as smaller independent companies. We work together with our customers to find better solutions and processes that will lead to superior business results.

The culture of SCGTS is also unlike what I saw and experienced with other companies. We pride ourselves on being a family. We take care of each other both inside and outside of the workplace, and we have a lot of fun!

On the top of my list of things I like about SCGTS is the responsibility and opportunity you are given early in your career. We have an extensive five-week training program for new hires during which you learn about the oil & gas industry, drilling, oil country tubular goods (OCTG), our proprietary software, SCM processes, and more. After completing training and working at SCGTS for only six weeks, I was sent to Southeast Asia to work on a SCM project. There I had people much more senior and experienced than I asking for my input and suggestions. I had the opportunity to create process documents and material to present to our world renowned oil & gas partner companies—talk about exposure!

Useful Skills

Skills that I think help make a person successful in this position are:

Although my major was SCM, our team at SCGTS includes people with various business majors—finance, SCM, operations management, marketing—who bring a different perspective to the job.

  • Good analytical and communication skills
  • Organization skills and attention to detail (You will be dealing with a lot of different clients on different projects in different time zones, and you have to keep it all straight!)
  • Excel skills (We create lots of graphs, charts, pivot tables, etc. to organize and analyze our information.)
  • Interest in international travel
  • Willingness to work hard and be challenged
  • Sense of adventure

General Career Advice

Interview with a lot of companies to see who you like and where you see yourself fitting. If you don’t know yet, it’s OK! But you want to work in an environment that you will enjoy every day. Think of things that interest you, whether in a work setting or on your own time. If you can find a company that matches both your interests and your knowledge and skills (gained from college, personal experience, and/or internships), you have a winner. For example, prior to SCGTS I had experience and interest in oil & gas. After going through the number four ranked undergraduate SCM program in the nation, I felt I had a good academic foundation. I had traveled five continents before graduating college and loved it. Combining all three of these, I knew I had found a home at SCGTS. Good luck!

Learn more and apply for SCGTS's Full-Time Business Operations Analyst opportunity via OCR. Deadline: September 30.

Learn more and apply for SCGTS’s Full-Time Business Operations Analyst opportunity via OCR. Deadline: September 30.

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