Rotational Program Spotlight: Texas Instruments, ACCESS Rotation Program

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September 17, 2015 by texasbbacareerservices



Life as a new hire at Texas Instruments (TI)

By Modupe Adamolekun, BBA Accounting Alumni Spring 2015 

For me, working at TI has been the perfect combination of energy and excitement. There is never a dull moment with the people I work with, and I consider myself quite fortunate and blessed to be among a group of people hired into TI via the ACCESS Rotation Program. ACCESS was brilliantly designed to allow each participant to experience three different functionalities over the course of three years, via two different tracks – generalist and specialist. With a program of this caliber, participants learn a lot about the different puzzle pieces that make up TI as a whole, and each participant learns a lot about oneself. With a little help from some well-known quotes, here are three things that truly stand out to me about TI.

  • Knowledge is Power – (Francis Bacon)

    Learn more and apply for TI Rotational Programs via OCR. Deadline: September 28.

    Learn more and apply for TI Rotational Programs via OCR. Deadline: September 28.

As an early career professional, I know that when you join a company, you are constantly learning. I’ve realized now more than ever that knowledge is power. TI supports you from the moment you come on board, offering – a variety of development opportunities at all stages of your career. In particular, the Make an Impact program, designed specifically for recent college graduates, provides classroom courses, quarterly hands-on sessions to learn from internal experts, as well as opportunities to meet each other and senior leaders. The more you learn, the more you know. The more you know, the more you grow. The more you grow, the more you contribute to your company’s growth. The information you possess can be the very thing that differentiates you from your competitors, and this has been clearly displayed within TI’s operation.

  • Progress is impossible without change – (George Bernard Shaw)

The ACCESS Rotation Program was designed with change in mind. Each year, over the course of three years, you rotate into a new position that will undoubtedly challenge you and push you further than your previous role. Yes, change can be challenging, but it also helps you progress and become a well-rounded employee. Being able to adapt and take on new positions according to the business needs will definitely benefit your career.

  • Humility is royalty without a crown –(Spencer Kimball)

One thing I love about TI is how humble everyone is. TI is such a collaborative environment. Everyone – even our leaders – is approachable. Within three weeks of working at TI in the Dallas location, I ran into Kevin March (TI’s Chief Financial Officer) three times at the cafeteria, and have also had a chance to talk with him during my recruitment to the company and other networking events.

I absolutely love working at TI. There is something exciting about being surrounded by brilliant minds who are passionate about what they do. The work is challenging, but four years of attending the University of Texas at Austin, one of the best business schools in the country, has undoubtedly prepared me for my career and beyond.


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