Rotational Program Spotlight: Hewlett Packard Company

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September 23, 2015 by texasbbacareerservices


JordanHPJordan Tanoury
The University of Texas at Austin; Major: Finance
Graduation Year: 2014,
Account Business Analyst II at Hewlett Packard Company

Please tell us about your career path and how you found your way to HP.

In college, I interned for a brokerage firm and decided that it wasn’t the direction I wanted for my future career path. I saw this rotation program at HP posted on OCR and liked the idea of a rotation program because you get to learn the different aspects of the role before you are thrown into it. The job itself intrigued me because you got to learn how to manage a services account within HP and I would get to utilize my finance degree in a different way than the investment banking route. It was also a chance to work at the first and most famous firm founded in Silicon Valley.

What do you like about working for HP?

Learn more and apply for HP's Full-Time HP Account Business Management Business Analyst posting in OCR. Deadline: September 29.

Learn more and apply for HP’s Full-Time HP Account Business Management Business Analyst posting in OCR. Deadline: September 29.

At Hewlett Packard, everyone is willing to take time out of their day to help you learn the ways of the business. The people here are hardworking, talented, and passionate about what they do. Also, no matter how high up our leaders are, they are very approachable. Kevin Jones (SVP of Enterprise Services of the Americas Region) is not only a colleague, but a mentor who would gladly pick up the phone to answer any questions that I may have. HP also provides you opportunities to join employee resource groups. In the Plano Office, we have a group known as the Plano Young Employee Network (YEN). The YEN provides opportunities to connect with other young employees through social events (happy hours, holiday parties), career development events (coffee talks with executives, workshops, etc.) and philanthropy opportunities. HP also provides an environment where you can continue to learn and hone new skills. They provide a great internal training program with a variety of different subjects to choose from. Lastly, you are recognized for your hard work whether it be through our Recognition at HP site where letters or points can be given for your accomplishments or announced at our Monthly Shout Outs, which is an avenue where the whole office can hear your success.

What does this job/internship entail?

In this job, you can expect to go through four different rotations within the Account Business Management organization. First you will go through Service Request Management, which delivers request fulfillment for the client. The next area will be Procurement Request Management, where you will learn the global procurement processes and capabilities. A new rotation added to the program is Account Commercial Contract Management. As an Account Business Manager, it is important to know the aspects of the contract you are working with. Lastly, you will shadow an Account Business Manager and get to see their day to day activities on their account. It provides you valuable experience that will make you successful on your future account.

What skills make a person successful in this position?

I think there are many skills that make a person successful in this position. First, the willingness to take on work. If you hear of someone who needs help on a project, you will get farther if you volunteer yourself. It shows other people that you are a team player. Second, strong interpersonal skills will make you successful. Further down the line in your career you may become customer facing and you want HP to feel confident in putting you in front of the customer. Thirdly and most importantly, that you are a quick learner. This job is constantly evolving and no day is the same as the next. You need to be able to think quickly and adjust.Please share your general career advice?

General Career Advice

The general career advice I would share would be to never stay stagnant and take every opportunity to learn new things. Being a well-rounded, knowledgeable employee will get you far. The more you know, the more doors that will open. When that happens, you have a chance to have the career you want.

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