Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Insight: Altria Group Distribution Company

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October 15, 2015 by texasbbacareerservices


altriablogallisonAllison Darden
BBA Alumni, Marketing, May 2012
Job Title: Unit Manager

Altria Group Distribution Company’s Opportunities in OCR: Summer Sales Intern & Brand Management Intern
Majors recruited: All BBA Majors

What is something cool/exciting/unique about your industry?

The needs of the adult tobacco consumer are constantly changing which results in changes in industry needs. For example, the electronic cigarette category has continued to grow over 100% each year since 2011 and is now about 2% of all tobacco product sales. Also, approximately 50% of Adult Cigarette Smokers are interested in trying various innovative types of tobacco products. To continue with this innovative trend, Altria Group Distribution Company has created a unique electronic cigarette, MarkTen. This product has evolved and changed with the adult cigarette consumer within the last 2 years.

Why do you like working in this industry?

I like working in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry because of the innovation that is constantly requested by the ever-changing needs tobacco consumer. Altria has even developed another company, Nu Mark, to focus on unique and innovative products to help satisfy the adult tobacco consumer.

Why should students decide to work in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry?

The industry is constantly evolving and changing which provides a constantly changing environment. Not only is every day different in the industry, but the needs in every retail account and for every tobacco consumer are different.

Fun fact about company or industry that people may not know.

Altria supports continued education for its employees. The Altria Education Refund Program pays 100% of tuition, registration fees, and lab fees for job-related courses or for a company-related degree.


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