Rotational Program Alumni Spotlight (IT Track): GM Financial

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February 19, 2016 by texasbbacareerservices


Alizain LalaniAlizain Lalani
Major: BBA – Finance
Grad Year: 2015
Company: GM Financial
Current Role: Accelerate Development Program – IT Track


Please tell us about your career path and how you found your way to GM Financial.

I didn’t have fixed career path when I graduated. I was looking at a wide variety of industries that gauged my interest. I wanted to be in a field that was on the rise and presented me with the opportunity to grow professionally. I found my path to GM Financial through LinkedIn recruiting. I had a good friend who worked here who conveyed a lot of positive things about the company. Additionally, their leadership program seemed very fascinating which motivated me to apply because I felt it was a great opportunity to start off my career.

What do you like about working for GM Financial?

I enjoy working at GM Financial because of the supportive people and the culture that they have engrained here. Since I started working here I’ve felt that I can reach out to many people throughout the company if I need anything. Furthermore, the Accelerate Development Program has given me the opportunity to excel my professional development and provide me with a great prospect for my career in the future.

What does the Accelerate Development Program entail?


Learn more and apply for GM Financial’s Accelerate Leadership Development Program position via OCR. Deadline: March 22.

The Accelerate Development Program is a two year rotational program that consists of three – six month core rotations in your selected track plus non-core rotations in other parts of the business. This program was put into place to groom the future leaders of GM Financial by giving them a chance to learn about different sectors and get a holistic view of the company. In addition to the rotations there are many leadership developments days put into place to help the candidates grow professionally and get a jumpstart on building the skill set to become great leaders for the company in the future.

What skills make a person successful in this program?

Being able to juggle multiple activities and have a good balance are essential to being successful in this program. Furthermore, being open to learn and adapt are very important because of the new environments that you are placed in. The technical skills are able to be picked up on the job if a person is receptive and willing to learn.

 Please share your general career advice?

I would tell all candidates to be patient and carefully think about what they want before choosing any career path. Take the time to do research through other people in the industry, the Internet (Glassdoor, Vault, etc.), and LinkedIn to find out what the career really entails. Furthermore, look into your own passions to see if the career that you may choose is something that excites you enough that you can put in your best work. The last and most important piece of advice I would give is don’t get discouraged. Finding a career is very tough and everyone has their own unique experience with it. Don’t let someone else’s path define how you feel and what you chose to do.

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