4 Ways to Balance Recruiting and School Work

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March 3, 2016 by ambermomin

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With recruiting season in full swing and midterm exams simultaneously approaching, many McCombs students become overwhelmed with trying to strike a perfect balance between the two activities. We all know that focusing on classes and recruiting for the perfect internship or job are highly time-consuming, but forgoing one for the other can be detrimental. Therefore, we’ve compiled our top tips on how to balance recruiting with a tight academic schedule. Read below to find out!

       1. Don’t wait until the night before your interview to research the company.

Doing comprehensive company research the night before an interview is critical to success. However, if put off until the last minute, it can take up valuable study time, especially if you have a test or project to focus on that same day! Perform ongoing research about companies you’re interested in during recruiting season to avoid having to “cram” for your interview.

2. Plan the logistical details in advance.

If you have an interview or company visit approaching, plan the logistical details at least one week ahead of time. Make a small checklist of what you will wear, how you will get to the designated site, and what classes you might miss. If you realize that you need a new suit or blouse, make a quick trip to the mall over the weekend to avoid having to go on the weekdays, which would interfere with your study schedule.

3. Inform your professors about your recruiting schedule.

Often times, students have to fly out to different cities for second-round interviews. This usually translates into students having to miss class, some of which require attendance. When placed in this situation, it may be helpful to talk to your professor about your schedule and asking if there is any way to make-up for the missed class. Though all professors may not be equally as lenient, they will surely appreciate your gesture to inform them ahead of time about your absence.

*Please note: Recruiting is not an excuse to miss class or miss a test and professors are not obligated to consider recruiting as an excused absence. BBA Career Services educates employers on your obligations to your studies, however not all situations can be avoided. Check out our recommendations regarding recruiting and academic conflicts.

4. Keep up with BBA Career Services events year-round.

BBA Career Services hosts a wide variety of events year-round including etiquette dinners, mock interviews, and lunch-and-learns. These events allow students to start building their network as a freshmen, so when time comes to recruit for an internship or full-time job, the student already has a thorough understanding of the company, which can eliminate a significant amount of time in the pre-interview research process. Many students become stressed during career week or during the second semester about not having secured the right job; however, staying on top of BBACS’s events year-round and drastically help reduce the amount of stress during the peaks of recruitment season.

We hope these quick tips can help you balance your school work and recruitment activities. Just taking small steps like planning ahead and talking to your professors can greatly reduce your stress during peak recruitment seasons. We wish you the best of luck with your job or internship search this semester!

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