BBA Alumni Insights: Stewardship and Analysis Manager – Global Upstream at ExxonMobil

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March 15, 2016 by texasbbacareerservices

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ExxonMcCombs Alumni Spotlight _ Dan BatesDaniel Bates
 BBA Finance 2001; Tulane University, Freeman, MBA 2005
Current Job Title: 
Stewardship and Analysis Manager – Global Upstream
Current Company: ExxonMobil

My career with ExxonMobil started just weeks after graduation in 2001.  Eager to start out on my own, I joined the company as a financial analyst in the United States production organization in downtown Houston.  I was prepared for the type of work that was ahead of me, having already interned in the Oil and Gas industry.  Being an undergrad entering the workforce, I had an ample amount of nerves that quickly dissipated as I began the new hire training programs and interacted with other new hires who shared in my experiences.  One thing that was clear in entering such a large corporation is that the education, networks and experiences the University of Texas had provided would serve me well in navigating my early years.

Over my 15 years at ExxonMobil, I have had a career that spanned 8 different business lines and had taken me to over 10 different countries.  From my first days as a financial analyst working closely with the engineering organization, I have continued to learn the value of the finance organizations in the overall business results of the corporation.  That is the simplest way to express the enjoyment from working at ExxonMobil – truly being a part of the overall business and not just a numbers cruncher.  From supporting the Production Company president on developing a seriatim of capital expenditure opportunities as a planning advisor, to establishing the Rosneft joint venture companies as integration manager to enable our Russian artic ventures, I have always had a seat at the table and created value for the business. Today, I am responsible for the global upstream reporting organization that, on a monthly basis, completes the internal and external financial results related to Capital, Operating Expenses and Earnings for over 50 countries.


Coffee Chat March 23 from 11-1 BBA Career Services, CBA 2.116  Come meet Daniel and Michelle; both BBA Alumni and learn more about ExxonMobil.

In today’s world of constant change, I often get asked why I have stayed with the same company for so many years.  My response is that while the name of the company on my business cards hasn’t changed, I have worked in a variety of roles from audit to business development, and in businesses from refining to upstream project management.  ExxonMobil may not be for everyone, however it does provide the unique opportunity for those in the accounting and finance fields to have a broad and fulfilling career in corporate finance. The financial opportunities available in a major integrated oil company such as ExxonMobil range from the technical aspects of monthly accounting to the diverse challenges of financing multi-billion dollar projects in developing countries.  ExxonMobil does not have a short term, rotational new hire program, but is rather an experiential development company that places new hires in true value-add positions from day one.  In addition to providing me the opportunity to obtain my Executive MBA while I worked, ExxonMobil has given me an on-the-job learning experience every day for 15 years.  The attributes that make someone successful at ExxonMobil are sound technical skills (which you are gaining in spades from UT) and a willingness to contribute and learn from others.  The challenges ahead of us in the Oil and Gas industry and the vast opportunities within ExxonMobil truly excite me each and every day as I head into work, knowing that I can make a difference in something that may have a significant impact on the world.

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