Day in the Life: Ali, Allstate Leadership Development Program

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September 12, 2016 by texasbbacareerservices

Allstate is a company that focuses on three core pillars: Good Work, Good Life and Good Hands. Every aspect of my day on the job is slotted into one of these three categories that prove how much the corporation cares about its’ employees.

allstateGood Work: Allstate empowers each one of their employees to lead from every seat. As a member of the rotational Leadership Development Program, I am given responsibilities and leadership opportunities on a day-to-day basis that constantly surpass my expectations of what an entry-level position typically looks like! In my first year-long rotation out of college, I was responsible for planning events for thousands of people to raise money for Allstate’s domestic violence charity, Purple Purse. And now in my second rotation, I am responsible for interviewing and hiring the next start class of my own program! Allstate knows the capacity of their employees and puts them to work in ways that are meaningful and rewarding.

Good Life: Allstate truly cares about the work/life balance of each employee. The company


Learn more and apply for the Leadership Development Program! Deadline: October 23, 2016

is continuously becoming more and more flexible with working arrangements and my day is directly affected by this. My team allows me to work from home twice a week so I can cut down on my commute time to and from the office, and office hours are very flexible as well. You see employees coming in anywhere between 6am-10am and leaving between 3pm-6pm so they can partake in their responsibilities and social life outside of work on their own watch. Not to mention, Allstate is incredibly generous with their PTO handouts… so I haven’t had to give up my love of traveling for work! Read about Allstate’s work/life balance awards here.

Good Hands: Allstate is committed to giving back to the community in big ways and wants its’ employees to do the same. The company supports many different causes including domestic violence, youth empowerment and teen safe driving through the Allstate Foundation. The company even has a whole month dedicated to employee volunteerism, where each team across the company is encouraged to take time off to volunteer in the community. On a personal level, my team knows that I volunteer on a weekly basis and they allow me to leave work early every Monday to get to my volunteer obligations. Read about the Allstate Foundation and employee volunteerism efforts here.

If these three areas are important to you as you are working through your job search, consider applying for the Leadership Development Program at Allstate. As an LDP you will have three one-year rotations in different areas of the business – whether that be Human Resources, Marketing, Claims, Finance, Corporate Relations, Sales, Data & Analytics, Technology, etc. Two of your rotations will be at Allstate’s headquarters in Northbrook, IL (a suburb of Chicago) and the other will be located in one of Allstate’s 14 regions. The position is perfect for someone who wants to go into business at a large Fortune 100 company, but maybe doesn’t have their entire career plan mapped out. The program is all about expanding your experiences and business knowledge in a holistic way while being on a fast-track to a leadership position at Allstate. If you are interested in learning more, apply for for the Leadership Development Program here.

Rotating around to three different departments isn’t for you? Check out our Finance/Risk Development Program or our Technology Leadership Development Program, or learn about different careers at Allstate here.

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