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September 12, 2016 by texasbbacareerservices

nataliegeNatalie Gerber; Energy, Business & Finance B.S. Penn State University ’14
Current Title: Investment Analyst, Midstream Underwriting at GE Energy Financial Services, Houston, TX (although not a UT grad, I am the UT representative for EFS J)

Build a relationship with your program/major’s faculty and staff. I was introduced through a Penn State grad to the GE Energy Financial Services (EFS) internship, a business that I had never heard of, yet seemed to apply perfectly to my current major. The main reason I was able to get this internship was, in a round-about way, through the head of my department and also one of my professors. He had offered to students a study abroad opportunity in Lima, Peru, which I jumped on because it was such a unique study abroad country. Through this, the same professor offered me the last spot on a team for a case study competition in Alberta, Canada, which ended up being the main topic of discussion for my interview. In other words, build a strong relationship with your school’s faculty and staff. It can take you far!!

Tailor your resume and/or cover letter appropriately. Do your research. Learn about that specific job and what that company does, then use your relevant experience to highlight why you are such a good candidate. Whether it’s a previous job, a case study, or a project, make a point to present why you are qualified for the job.

Prepare your relevant experiences for interview questions. Describe a problem you’ve


Learn more and apply for the General Electric Title Analyst, Risk and Summer Analyst GE Energy Financial Services positions. Deadlines: September 19 & 20.

had to overcome, describe a time when you experienced a conflict, what are some of your strengths and weaknesses–all questions that could come up in an interview. Plan ahead potential responses to these kinds of questions, but keeping the job you are interviewing for in mind. If you can, ask an analyst what a typical day on the job is for them, and then consider how you can best answer these questions to nail the interview.

Reach out! Recruiters talk to A LOT of candidates from all different schools during the recruiting season. Remember your conversations you had with them to remind the recruiter in your follow-up email–by keeping in touch you make yourself memorable and employable! Ask them what you can do to prep for an interview, ask more about the company or job, or simply ask about recruiting timelines and deadlines. By showing an active interest and how you can best make a good impression, this will help employers notice you more!

Have both a mentor and a sponsor. This applies both in the college world and career world. A mentor is someone who can give you advice and guidance in your career, personal life, or what you should have for lunch. A sponsor is someone who will speak for you, stand up for you and vouch for you. Have both.

Enjoy every second of your college career. It goes by way too fast, so make sure to make the best of it. But being at UT, you most likely are. 🙂

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