BBA Alumni Experience: Commodity Trading Job Highlight: Commercial Training Program at CCI

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September 21, 2016 by texasbbacareerservices

cciutalumniblogpictureangelamatulaAngela Matula, UT McCombs BBA Alum 2005 Currently working at Castleton Commodities International

How did you decide to go into Commodity Trading after graduation?

Actually, my plan for most of my time as an undergraduate was to go to Medical School following the completion of my undergraduate degree. I thought that the only job options for me in business would ultimately end with me sitting behind a desk completing what I considered to be boring and monotonous tasks.  I went ahead and signed up for a few interviews in my senior year anyways just to be sure that I had it all figured out (spoiler:  I didn’t).  I ended up accepting a job at BP on their trade floor in Houston.  I was thrust into the very exciting and not-in-any-way boring world of commodity trading.  There was a lot to learn quickly and competition was stiff, but I fell in love with the high-paced energy of the trade floor and the ever changing fundamental landscape that fed my thirst for knowledge.

What brought you to Castleton Commodities International?


Learn more and apply for the Commercial Training Program Full-Time position. Deadline: September 26, 2016

I had been working at Merrill Lynch for almost 5 years doing both fundamental analysis and trading in the Refined Products markets. I found out that a company called Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy (LDH Energy) was looking to build out their existing Refined Products trading and analysis group.  This was a great opportunity for me to put my knowledge to good use to help build out a business at a private company.  LDH Energy was later sold to a group of private investors and renamed as Castleton Commodities International.  CCI has provided me with the tools to make a difference at our company and has rewarded me for my contribution to the bottom line.

What do you like most about your job?

I love the entrepreneurial aspect of my job. Although we are a large and growing company, I am given the tools to generate ideas that are used by many individuals on a daily basis to help our traders make decisions.  This process requires self-directed learning as well as creativity and I find these tasks very rewarding.  Also, CCI is a global company with world-class offices in Stamford, Houston, New York, London, Shanghai, Calgary, Geneva and Singapore.  Aside from this giving me an opportunity to learn more about other people and places I have also enjoyed the benefit of getting to travel a bit which I enjoy.

What career advice would you like to share?

Be hungry for knowledge and push yourself to go outside of your normal comfort zone every once in a while. New experiences are the foundation of a solid career.  I started my career in a similar rotational program like the one that CCI is currently hiring for and programs like this give you many more experiences in a shorter period of time than most other jobs will offer.


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