UT Alum’s Experience in Real Estate at JLL

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September 28, 2016 by texasbbacareerservices

jllRobert O’Farrell
Bachelors in Communications Studies
Fall 2002
Executive Vice President – Retail Broker Lead

Please tell us about your career path and how you found your way to JLL.

I secured an internship at a regional retail real estate company, through Career Services resources. After graduation, that company brought me on as a Junior Broker/Associate. I was lucky enough to get mentorship along the way which led to a partnership with my current business partner that has lasted for over 10 years thus far and will last for many more. I joined JLL 3 years ago. What led me to the company was that many of my former colleagues through various other markets around the country had joined JLL and it was a natural transition to join them again. Also, JLL has the strongest reputation in the industry and aligning yourself with the best brand/company is always a an easy choice.

What do you like about working for JLL?


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As stated above, JLL is the gold standard in the industry. The work environment is very collaborative and open. I enjoy coming to work every day and being surrounded by strong personalities that are positive, upbeat and assertive. It is a very positive environment for me.

JLL provides opportunity for learning new skills and due to it’s size and scope, individuals are able to grow in many different directions within commercial real estate.

What does this job/internship entail?

Starting in Brokerage is very similar to an apprenticeship, it will take years to become proficient. One must learn from the ground up which includes truly knowing your market (a lot of driving and memorization of current buildings and keeping up with new opportunities). There is a big research component that helps you learn the market. Also, on spends a lot of time learning how to run and utilize aerial/mapping/demographics and the various other research capabilities that are available.

What skills make a person successful in this position?

This business takes a lot of time to become proficient and is not a get rich quick environment. It takes a lot of hours, but once you become a professional in your given practice, you are truly self-sufficient.

Please share your general career advice?

Choose a career path and stick with it. I’m not that far removed from college but what I’ve noticed is that my friends that are jumping from career to career or job to job don’t have the happiness or success that they want. One will have more success in choosing a path and sticking with it (both financially and for your well-being).

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