Importance of Thank Yous

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October 21, 2016 by sophiawding


Thank yous are a critical component in your recruiting and job-search strategy. Think of them as a self-marketing tool. By investing your time in crafting detailed and specific thank yous, you are enhancing your candidacy in the applicant pool, and reinforcing your interest and name to the company.

Does it really matter if I send a thank you?

Thank yous do make an impact. Finance Senior, Connor Ruddick, relays the importance, “Thank yous can be the difference between getting the job or not. I’ve had recruiters respond to my thank you emails with a thank you because fewer and fewer people are sending them, and even put thank you cards I’ve sent on their desk.” He also shares how he knew a firm who had ranked their three final candidates for the internship spot, and only the third-ranked applicant had sent a thank you email after the interview. Guess who received the offer? The applicant ranked third! This targeted marketing tool can help get you to the next round, or get the job offer.

Think of thank yous as an opportunity to reconnect with employers, sell your strengths, and keep your candidacy at the top of their minds.

Who do I send thank yous to?

Thank yous are commonly sent after your interview to each person you interviewed with. Request business cards from everyone you interview with. If you don’t have their email, send your thank you email to your main contact, and ask them them to extend your thanks to the entire team. Additionally, thank yous can be sent to recruiters or representatives you interacted with at a recruiting event, information session, job fair, or even the company rep that arranged your travel for the office visit. Thank yous are a great way to keep the conversation going. If you feel as if you had a good interaction with a representative, feel free to send them a thank you! A well-written thank you only benefits your recruiting process. As recruiters are often overloaded with information, this is a great way to stay on their radar!

When do I send thank yous? Should I send it via card or email?

Thank yous should be sent out immediately, or within 24 hours, after the interview or correspondence with the company representative. A thank you email is always required, and you have the option of writing a handwritten thank you card, in addition to the email. Sending an email is the quickest way to ensure that the recruiter receives your thank you in a timely manner, and is the most utilized channel.

Often times, you will not have the address of the representative to send them a physical thank you card. You can ensure delivery of your card by writing them immediately after the interview and dropping them with the front desk. For example, if you were interviewing at the Ford Career Center, take your time after the interview to write a specific and well-thought-out thank you and deliver it to the FCC receptionist to hand to the recruiter. Also, be sure to follow-up with the recruiter via email after to ensure they received the card, to elaborate on additional points, and to keep the communication going.

What should I say in a thank you?

Writing a thank you is less formal than writing a cover letter, and should be both brief and personalized to your interaction. Use this opportunity to address points you discussed or neglected during the interview. Also, this is a great time to reinforce your interest in the company and position, and show appreciation for their time and energy. Lastly, always proofread your work before sending!

For more information on how to write a thank you and for example thank yous, check out the Job Search Correspondence guide. Thank yous are not to be underestimated, and do play an important component in your recruiting process!



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