BBA Peer Insights: Earning Certifications Through McCombs

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October 26, 2016 by quintanillav

BBA Peer Insights Blog
At the very first group meeting for my class project, our project mentor, an industry participant in Austin who works at Dell, advised us to pursue certifications. He pointed out that having official recognition of proficiency in our skills would support our background. In my classes, I’ve learned a wide variety of skills and information, and I believed that my grades would justify all my studies.  However, if you can qualify your knowledge from school with a well-known or universal certification on your resume, then companies will notice that additional line, and you will stand out from all your McCombs peers.

Companies offer certifications that help students develop skills outside the standard classroom environment.  Learning about applications and concepts more in-depth on your own offers you the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your initiative and your expertise.  If you want to give yourself a recruiting edge, look into certifications you can receive while at McCombs!

Find a certification relevant to the position or industry you are pursuing:

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) Certificate:

Students from a wide variety of disciplines can gain an edge in the competitive job market by learning the language of finance!   Through this 8-hour, self-paced, e-learning course, you will discover what moves the market and familiarize yourself with over 70 Bloomberg Terminal functions. Check out the Bloomberg website for more information about the certificate.

How is the BMC Certificate useful for students?  

This program will cover 4 modules.  In the Economics Indicators module, you will discover how investors use economic indicators to gauge the health of the economy.  The Currencies module explains how investors manage currency risk.  Throughout the Fixed Income module, you will explore how bond valuation is determined, and in the Equities module, you will calculate equity index performance.  The modules can be completed in one sitting or over a period of time.

How can I register for the BMC Certificate?

To access BMC, students can login for free from a Bloomberg Terminal through the McCombs Financial Education and Research Center (FERC) or register online for a fee from Bloomberg Institute’s website.   McCombs students enrolled in a finance class have access to the FERC for free and can use the lab during lab hours.  Students not currently enrolled in a finance class are allowed to use the lab for a fee of $100 per semester.  Find out more about how to start on your Bloomberg Certificate through McCombs here.

Interior of McCombs School of Business

McCombs FERC


Morningstar Direct Certification Program:

For anyone who seeks to use or understand domestic or international investing or students interested in working as institutional investors (pension, mutual, and hedgefunds), individual investors, and corporate treasurers, the Morningstar Direct Certification program is a quick and easy way to become familiar with this institutional investment analysis platform. Additional information about earning the certification through McCombs can be found on this  website.

How is Morningstar Direct useful for students?  

Morningstar Direct’s aggregate functionality allows students to run client portfolio or fund-of-funds simulations, research hundreds of thousands of investments, import holdings and follow investment strategies, create investment fact sheets, and build templates for equity analysis.The program consists of 12 courses.  Each capability section concludes with a short exam, and results are available instantaneously.  To continue to the next section, you must receive a score of 75% or higher.  You must pass all sections to become certified. Exams can be retaken as needed.  Once certification is complete, you can then explore a larger library of training opportunities available within Morningstar Direct.

How can I register for the Morningstar certificate?

Access the Morningstar Certification program by logging in for free from a Bloomberg Terminal through the FERC or scroll down to the bottom of Morningstar Direct’s site to register for the certificate online.

Where can I show off my certification? 

Include your certification on your resume by listing it under “Additional Information” as shown below, and remember to drop by the BBA Career Services office (CBA 2.116) to have a Peer Coach review your resume anytime from 10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.!

Additional Information______________________________________

Computer Skills:  MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, SPSS, Java
Certifications:  Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (2015), Bloomberg (in progress)
Languages:  Working Knowledge in Mandarin Chinese
 Image result for mccombs FERC

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