BBA Peer Insights: Thanksgiving Tips

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November 17, 2016 by quintanillav


As you gather with family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner, you will undoubtedly face a series of conversations about your school and career. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered! For tips on how to prepare in advance for the avalanche of questions headed your way over break, read the advice straight from Peer Coaches at the BBA Career Services office.


Underclassmen Tips:

  1. Utilize the Explore Your Career section of the Career Services website to do research on majors at McCombs before you go back home if you haven’t chosen a major or you are deciding whether you would like to have a minor. Analyze the pros and cons of all factors contributing to your decision, such as your interest in the subject matter and the implications of this major for your career. When your family insists on hearing an update on your college major or minor decision process, you’ll be ready.
  2. Check the BBA Instructional Guide on Attire to plan a shopping trip over Thanksgiving Break for business professional and business causal clothing. Attending networking events and mock interviews require you to abide by dress codes. Even if you don’t think you will go to any formal events like an etiquette dinner or a breakfast forum, purchase the appropriate clothes you need so that it will not be a factor that deters you from going in case you change your mind. Plus, your parents will be impressed by your initiative to explore career paths and will most likely enjoy requiring you to put on a fashion show.
  3. Apply for a summer leadership development program with a company you are interested in! Deadlines are quickly approaching, and since you are out of school on break, look at the list of programs and apply. If you want to start building connections with recruiters or employees at specific companies, then these programs offer great opportunities for you to do so. Don’t miss out on an opportunity that excites you; check out the programs now before it is too late!
  4. Learn from the Freshmen Spotlights if you are hunting for advice on how to receive an internship after your freshmen year of college. Use their experiences to help you in your job search, and if your family asks about what you have been up to, then you will be able to tell them all about your game plan for getting a summer internship.
  5. Apply for the Sophomore Development Program to develop your personal and career interests! The application just opened, so take advantage of your time out of classes during Thanksgiving to jump on this opportunity to gain guidance on career possibilities. Whether or not you have an idea of what you would like to do in the future, this program will benefit you. Also look into BBA Women’s Council and Target Your Future, which are similar programs for all BBA students.

Upperclassmen Tips:

  1. Check out the updated handouts in the Career Services office (CBA 2.116) to help guide you in managing multiple offers, negotiating offer deadlines, requesting updates from your first choice employer, accepting or declining an offer, and creating a decision matrix to evaluate offers. If you are heavily recruiting, then take some time during your break to think through all your options and evaluate which internships truly appeal to you before you speak to anyone else who will influence your decision.
  2. Set up an appointment with a career coach to help guide you through offer evaluations or any individual recruitment circumstances. Each student has a different recruiting experience, and if you have questions about your specific situation, the BBA Career Coaches can provide advice.  They have worked with many students and recruiters, so be sure to schedule time for an appointment before break. Utilize their knowledge to be well-informed of how you can best handle your situation. Once you are on Thanksgiving break, you can calmly reflect on your career coaches advice and then hear what other people in your life suggest. This way, you’ll be confident that you have thought through all your choices and you will feel prepared to tackle whatever companies throw your way.
  3. Review the McCombs Code of Ethics! As you are in the midst of heavily recruiting, keep in mind the guidelines for behavior that you may have forgotten since your days in BA 101. Over Thanksgiving break, your family may give you recruiting advice that is not aligned with our school, so check the policies before following any advice from resources outside of McCombs. Also, remember that although McCombs recommends certain guidelines for companies to follow, they are not required to abide by all the specifics.  For more information about the suggestions that a company recruiting through McCombs is given, look at the Offer Guidelines tab.
  4. During your final year in college, be thankful for the friends you have made at school this year and remember to reach out to them about their recruitment progress! Don’t only build relationships with your peers but also with professors and career coaches.  Additionally, if you are working on establishing connections outside of school, check out the Networking Resources a few tips.
  5. Report all your offers whether you have accepted, declined, or have not yet decided on the internship or full-time offer. With the extra time during your holiday, celebrate yourself and all your recruitment success by reporting it to Career Services. Additionally, juniors – don’t forget to apply for course credit before you begin your internship, and seniors – remember to report post-graduation outcomes before you graduate if you are graduating in December!report-your-offer

Quick Tips for Thanksgiving Break for all BBA students:

Pro Tip:  Career Coach Appointments for the following week open up every Thursday at midnight!

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