Top 5 reasons YOU should go to BBA Career Services Career Week Events!

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January 20, 2017 by texasbbacareerservices


Top 5 reasons YOU should go to BBA Career Services Career Week Events:

1. Capitalize on this opportunity. It all boils down to making connections. Take advantage of this “one and only” opportunity. As a college student at McCombs you’re in a unique position where recruiters are pursing YOU! Take advantage of this easy access. When you graduate, you’re on your own when it comes to connecting with employers. This is your chance to take advantage of employers coming on campus to meet YOU. Put a face to your resume, build your network and stick out from their piles of applicants!

2. Learn about potential employers. Hundreds of companies will be on campus and it’s the perfect chance to check out employers. Put your investigative reporter hat on. Talk to companies you’re interested in and that you’ve never even heard of before. Would you be inspired by the work? Would you fit into the office culture? What are possible career paths? What should you be doing right now to be competitive? Remember, recruiters are people too. Most consider themselves a “people person” so they’re pretty easy to talk to and they love to share their personal career path and advice.

3. Employers keep track. Recruiters go to a ton of events, they meet thousands of people and receive thousands of emails and resumes. They’ve got to keep track of and make decisions about thousands of great candidates. Example of how they connect the dots: “We met “Student A” at Career Week Sneak Peek, Career Expo, and she came to our Information Session. Her resume looks great and she’s enthusiastic about our company. “Student B” also looks good on paper, but we’ve never seen them at events. Maybe they just dropped their resume; let’s invite “Student A” to interview.” They also get resume books of student attendees for most of the events they attend, so they’ll see your resume more than once! Recruiters must also consistently demonstrate ROI for all campus visits. They report on their on-campus involvement and the hires they met through participating.

4. Employers are here to build relationships and/or recruit. Freshmen/Sophomores: Employers come to connect with underclassmen and build relationships. Many also have Leadership Programs (with upcoming spring deadlines). Juniors/Seniors: Looking for an internship or full-time opportunity? Employers will be at Career Week events to either hire for current roles or get to know you for future roles! Make connections that will lead to the opportunity you’re seeking.

5. Improve your communication skills. Are you freaked out by networking? You will have to talk to the employer who ends up hiring you. The more you network, the more comfortable you’ll become. Even if you hate it, you’ll get better. They say “it’s who you know” for a reason. So just do it. Come to Career Week events starting Monday, and by Thursday networking will come a little easier AND it will pay off a lot.

Check out Career Week events (the events page includes attire requirements) and register via RecruitMcCombs by January 26, 2016!


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