Internship Spotlight: W2O Group

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February 14, 2017 by texasbbacareerservices

faithsalamon_w2oFaith Salamon
Major: Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communication; Dec. 2016
Earned Media Intern in Summer 2016 (hired in January 2017 as Earned Media Associate)

Tell us about your intern experience.

I worked with an amazing team of people on a variety of healthcare and consumer accounts. The people on the earned media team taught me so much but they also trusted me to carry through on important deliverables on my own. I really felt like a vital part of the team.

Tell us about your experience living in a new place for the summer.

It was amazing. New York City is truly the greatest place in the world. I think I knew one person in the city when I first moved up in the summer and now I have this whole network of friends. W2O has a really great culture and, as a result, your coworkers are really fun to hang out with. I spent most of my free time outside of work hanging out with other interns!

How did you go about getting your internship?


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I applied to a crazy number of internships. I knew I wanted to come to New York but, aside from a few major agencies, I didn’t have a good grasp on the different internship opportunities the city had to offer. I think I googled “PR Agency NYC” and then just made a list and started sending out my resume. I actually did my interviews for W2O over the phone while I was studying abroad in Italy. After a few conversations with the people here it was pretty clear that this was going to be the best fit for me!

What classes do you think were the most valuable in getting your internship?

I took a lot of advertising classes during school where we spent the semester putting together a campaign for a client as if we were an agency. The work from these classes helped to demonstrate that I work well in groups and that I have experience putting together communications strategies for clients across a variety of industries.

What advice would you give to others as they search for an internship?

I put every project or piece of writing that I did during college into a website that I could send out to potential employers so they could see my resume and concrete examples of my work all at the same time. It was a lengthy process but everyone I’ve ever interviewed with has raved about it. Also, find companies you want to work at on LinkedIn and then reach out to people who already work there. I sent a lot of messages to alumni from my school who went on to work at various communication agencies. They were always happy to talk about their experience and it helped me get a sense of whether or not I would enjoy working at a specific company.

Can you describe how your interview went?

I think I had two interviews. They were both over the phone because I was studying abroad. I always get really nervous before phone interviews because I can’t see the person so it’s harder to tell how it’s going. They asked me why I wanted to work in PR and wanted me to describe some of my past experiences. We also talked a lot about gelato because at the time I was living in Milan. It was more of an open conversation than just being drilled on my resume.

What were the hardest questions they asked in your interview?

They asked me to talk about times that I overcame challenges. That’s always a hard question because when you’re talking to someone who can give you a job, you only want to talk about your successes. I had prepared for a question like that so I was able to recall a time that things didn’t necessarily go my way and then explain how I adapted. They just want you to show that you’re going to get the work done even when the circumstances aren’t exactly how you’d expect them to be.

Please share your general career advice?

I think everyone needs to take a second in college to sit down and really ask themselves what they want to do and why. If you say you want to work in PR, for example, ask yourself, “Why?” Then keep asking over and over until you really get down to the heart of your motivations. This helps you to stay focused and really dedicate yourself to achieving your goals. Then reach out to mentors and read up on the industry and really just look for ways to learn more about the career path you’ve chosen to take.


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