Energy Industry Insights: Phillips 66

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March 31, 2017 by texasbbacareerservices


p66 gregGreg Smith         
Major: B.S. Kinesiology/Psychology (UT Austin), MBA Finance (Washington State University)
Grad Year: 2009
Job Title: National Accounts Manager
Company name: Phillips 66
Industry: Oil & Energy
BBA Majors you recruit: MKTG, FIN, ACCT, SCM

What is something cool/exciting/unique about your industry?

There are a lot of exciting elements in regards to the energy industry making it hard to sum up why I find to be unique and “cool” in a short snapshot. From the dynamic market driven activity to the continual innovation- the energy industry is always moving and changing. Two things that really stand out to me are the pace and the people. The fast pace nature of this industry feeds my short attention span and keeps the day to day exciting. In my current role I am in the market at all times and have to react to its movements which eliminate any monotonous day to day action items.  Even more than the pace are the people; this industry is saturated with people I love to work with. From customers to counterparts I truly enjoy all the interactions that I have on a daily basis.

Please tell us about the culture of the office.P66

Phillips 66 is a very goal oriented culture that encourages a healthy work life balance: happy employees = great/productive employees. From an amazing gym and ready make meals to take home after work, to dry-cleaning  and a focus on philanthropy- Phillips 66 has a huge emphasis on ensuring its employees are loving who they work for. Through our core pillars of safety, honor and commitment- Phillips 66 works to create a safe, collaborative, goal oriented culture that I really enjoy. Due to this goal oriented culture, as long as you are meeting, or exceeding, your goals- employees have a lot of flexibility in the way they manage their day to day.  The other big piece of the Phillips 66 culture that I truly love is the underlying need to give back. Every day I feel like I receive an email for volunteering options, which is encouraged by management to the point that we now receive additional vacations days to volunteer at charities of our choice. Financially, Phillips 66 carriers over their commitment to giving back through an employee donation match, whereby they will meet your donations (up to $15k annually) to charities of your choice. Having worked for another company, I feel that Phillips 66 does a great job of considering the value of employee’s mental and physical well-being, which they have integrated into our new headquarters. From a soccer field on top of our garage or basketball gym in our workout center (and lunch time leagues constantly being emailed out) to an onsite dental and medical facility, our new campus has everything you could want.

Please address current climate of the energy industry and fears that students and parents might have about starting in this industry today.

Phillips 66 is a unique energy manufacturer as it is downstream (we do not pull crude out of the ground, we purchase it) and very diversified. Due to our diverse portfolio and focuses, our financial strength and safe, reliable operations, enable us to deliver on a business strategy that enhances returns, grows the company, increases distributions to shareholders and build a high performing team. There will always be ebbs and flows in markets, but our uniquely diverse blend of business units helps Phillips 66 stay strong and continue to be successful. We refine and market petroleum products, such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and lubricants; gather and process natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) for powering businesses, heating homes, cooking and electricity; and manufacture petrochemicals, polymers and plastics found in cars, electronics, and other everyday goods. All of these business units keep us looking to the future, and allow for a lot of opportunity as a young employee.

Why do you like working in this industry?

In reality, there are way too many reasons I love this industry- but if I had to pick one I would say the people and the culture they create. This industry was built up on a history of family owned and operated companies, and though there has been a shift of ownership- the culture still exists. I love the conversations and interactions I am so lucky to have daily with customers, colleagues, and even competitors; this industry is one that is very hard to get in to, but once you are in you never want to leave.

Why should students decide to work in the Energy industry?

The energy industry is rapidly changing and growing, providing a platform for innovation for new generations to make a positive impact on the world. The energy industry is more than generating motor fuels, it is a space that can improve lives through the resources refining creates. The opportunity, both within the industry and what it creates, provides a blank canvas for students innovate and improve upon a historic, yet exciting, industry.

Fun fact about company or industry that people may not know.

There are two fun facts, among many, that stick out to me. First, the drive to give back astounds me at Phillips 66. This year, the drive to provide continued as Phillips 66 announced that employees would be given two additional vacation days a year to be used for volunteering at any charity of their choice- a great resource to pair with their impressive charity donation financial matching program. Secondly, and more surprisingly, Phillips 66’s basketball team represented the United States in the 1948 Olympic tournament- where they won GOLD. This team, the Phillips 66ers, also won 11 AAU national championships.

Learn more about the Energy Industry!

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