BBA Alumni Experience: Management Development Program at Hajoca


April 13, 2017 by quintanillav

Brian Hanley

Name: Brian Hanley
Major: Marketing
Grad Year:  May 2010
Current Title: Profit Center Manager

Please tell us  how you found your way to Hajoca Corporation.

The University of Texas at Austin develops leaders to go into the world and make a difference.  I knew I had made the right decision in high school to attend UT and the McCombs School of business and develop as a leader, I wanted to make the right decision when choosing a career.   I wanted to join a company that valued integrity, leadership and gave the opportunity to live into a dream of running a business.  I found a company aligned with these principles my junior year in Hajoca Corporation and came on board with them after graduation.

What do you like about working for Hajoca?

Hajoca is the largest privately owned plumbing wholesale distributor in the US with over 350 locations.  Though we have the benefits of a major corporation, Hajoca embraces a decentralized model, empowering the leaders and teammates to make the best decisions for their business in their markets.

What does this job entail?


Learn more and apply for the Full-time Management Development Program via RecruitMcCombs. Deadline: May 26, 2017

Hajoca lives out key core values every day: fairness and caring, trust and respect, generous listening and straight talk.  Our motto is the “manager is the hero” as he/she is given the opportunity and autonomy to live into their dream by leading a business and a team as they best see fit to maximize market share and profitability.

Please tell us about your career path.

My career with Hajoca began August 2010 in the Management Development program, a 4 year program designed to immerse you in all facets of the business from warehouse, counter/inside sales, outside sales and operations management with the goal of mastering each position before moving to the next.  The commitment Hajoca made to me was if I completed every step in the program, I would manage a multi-million dollar profit center in a market I wanted to be in.  Based on the decentralized model and large autonomy Hajoca gives managers, being a manager for Hajoca is like owning your own business without the hassles of owning your own business.  The offer was too good to pass up!

The Development Program exposed and taught me best practices in servant leadership, the importance of building your dream team and earning trust with customers to increase share, generating the highest Return on Investment possible and I had a blast every step of the program!   When I graduated the program, the company kept its promise and named me manager of a multi-million dollar profit center in North Houston.   Another benefit of the program was it allowed me to develop a network of mentors I will have for the rest of my career.

I’ve been a profit center manager for over a year and it’s been incredible! I am leading a business, building a world class dream team, creating a fun, family, ambitious positive culture so that we can offer the greatest service and to our customers while earning their trust.  The company is truly allowing me to live into my dream!

What skills make a person successful in this position?

For any ambitious servant leader who values people with a desire to grow a business built on trust, service, and relationships, Hajoca truly offers a dream career!

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