BHP & Finance Alum Full-Time Experience: Sense Corp Consultant

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April 13, 2017 by quintanillav

MichaelD.Name: Michael Daehne
Major(s): Business Honors Finance, and Actuarial Mathematics
Grad year: 2012
Current title: Project Manager at Sense Corp
Industry: Management Consulting

Please tell us about your career path and how you found your way to Sense Corp.

I knew I wanted to go into consulting because I wanted a career that provided constant learning and growth. I interned for a Big Four firm’s actuarial consulting arm in Chicago and really enjoyed my experience, solidifying my desire to go into consulting full-time after graduation. In terms of Sense Corp, I met a number of “Sense Corpions” through my involvement in student organizations (specifically Honors Business Association and Undergraduate Business Council), and I was struck by how down-to-earth and well-rounded all of them were. I loved that they were not only brilliant, but also creative, human, and fun, too. So I applied, went through the interview process, and got an offer. And as they say, the rest is history!

What do you like about working for Sense Corp?

I love that my co-workers take their work seriously without taking themselves too seriously. I love that our clients come to us with their most challenging and complex problems. I love getting to help our clients solve problems or capitalize on opportunities that they’ve been chasing for months, years, or often, decades. I love that I get to practice my problem solving, communication, and collaboration skills every single day. And I love that I work for a firm that truly cares about its employees.

Professional Development: We have an awesome training program for new hires (which includes classroom training, a practicum, and a six-week project for a non-profit) as well as ongoing training and professional development opportunities for all of our consultants.

Fun Social Activities: Annual company trip (this past year we went to Seattle), frequent happy hours, a wellness program, and much more.

Corporate HQ Amenities: Beer on tap in the office!

What does this job/internship entail?

Consultants at Sense Corp work with our clients to solve their most challenging people, process, and technology problems. That means spending a lot of time with our clients understanding and optimizing their business processes, interviewing and seeking to better understand their employees and customers, analyzing their data and transforming it into meaningful insights, and ultimately, helping them more effectively drive results for the organization. We help organizations define their strategy and then – unlike a lot of firms – we stick around and help them implement that strategy.

What skills make a person successful in this position?

Curiosity, a knack for problem solving, and great communication skills

Please share your general career advice.

Find a job where the work is challenging, the results are rewarding, the growth is constant, and the co-workers are people you like, respect, and trust.

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