BBA Marketing Spotlight: Analyst at Sendero

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August 24, 2017 by texasbbacareerservices

Kaylynn_SenderoName: Kaylynn Sanchez
Major: Marketing
Grad year: 2012
Current title: Analyst at Sendero

After graduating from UT, I took a job in Dallas at a software company. After four years with the company, I found myself stuck in a career rut. I was not being challenged, I was losing work-life balance, and I didn’t feel valued as an employee. As I started the job hunt, I had a few requirements for my next employer.  I needed a company that provided work-life balance. I needed to be given a clear and transparent career path with resources to help me grow and succeed. I needed to feel valued and included as an employee. When I started to hone in on my requirements, one company kept appearing in my research: Sendero.


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Sendero is a management consulting firm, locally focused in Texas, with deep experience across multiple industries in four key areas: Strategic Planning, Technology Enablement, Organizational Effectiveness, and Analytics. Our mission is to be the management consulting partner most respected for our people, culture, and results.

If you ask our CEO, Bret Farrar, what we do, he will reply that Sendero is a people development company. The goal is to grow our people and as a result, we have cultivated success for our clients. That is not something commonly seen in companies today. I like knowing that my employer is invested in me.

My current role as an Analyst at Sendero focuses on delivering quality work while building trust and relationships with our clients to enable their success. While it may sound very general, it is what I enjoy most about this job. We are tasked with projects that range from implementing a new training system to completing an internal audit of the client’s database. Clients come to us with their business challenges and many times they are unsure or lack the bandwidth to solve them.  This allows us to leverage our knowledge and create unique solutions that will have a significant impact on our client’s business. We collaborate with each other and everyone brings something different to the table. There are always opportunities to take on new challenges, learn something new, be a leader, and take initiative.   

Ask any Sendero employee and they will tell you there is no shortage of help when it comes to Professional Development. Career paths at Sendero are very transparent. I know what to work towards to advance my career, and I am given a variety of resources – from a Career Advisor to an array of training curriculum — that I can use to fit my goals.  If I need more guidance, I have my Project Manager and easy access to an amazing Talent Management team that all support me.

Some would say work-life balance doesn’t exist in the consulting world. Well, Sendero isn’t the typical consulting firm. Team lunches, Pizza Fridays, Employee Appreciation Week, intramural sports, family days, volunteer events, and wellness challenges are just some of the ways Sendero takes in interest in their employees beyond the office.  

In the end, I wanted to work in a supportive environment, with opportunities to be challenged and innovative, and for a company that has been nationally recognized for their culture, growth, and work… Sendero was the perfect fit for me.

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