Supply Chain Management Alumni Spotlight: IBM Watson

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October 3, 2017 by texasbbacareerservices

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ellen_grad_alumni blogEllen Bellino
Major: Supply Chain Management
Grad Year: 2015
Current Job Title: Watson Client Engineer
Current Company: IBM Watson

What was the most important thing(s) you learned in BA 101 to help you get where you are today? Learning to write a cover letter and eloquently speak about my resume and my accomplishments during an interview were paramount to my recruiting success. BA 101 gave me the guidance to develop superb interviewing skills. I also think it was great to have all of the professors come to speak about their major, it helped give real insight into the opportunity that that major held, and allowed me to quickly gravitate towards the ones that I though fit my skill set best.

What BBA Career Services resources did you use and how did you utilize these resources to get where you are today? One of the most valuable services that I used was the Target Your Future program. I joined this program Freshmen year and it opened my eyes to a whole world of opportunity. I had much better insight and confidence when I recruited due to the skills that I gained throughout this program. I also loved the etiquette dinner. I thought it was well run with meaningful conversations. I ended up getting mentored by one of the people that I met at the etiquette dinner Sophomore here.

How did you make your final choice to accept your job offer? I was fortunate and received six incredible offers. I easily got down to my top two, but I had the hardest time picking between these two. The decision became clear to me after I met with my professor and long-time mentor, Dr. Hasler. He guided me into the pros and cons of each role and the impact that he saw each position having on my future career. He gave me the insight that only a well-experienced professor could provide, and I was well equipped with all of the necessary information after that.

Give us your best career advice. Go after the job that you really want. The one that you are passionate for. The one that you think you have no shot of getting. You have to be aggressive and go after what you really want in order to create opportunities for yourself. Don’t let self-doubt or insecurities stop you. You will surprise yourself when you go after something that you care more about.

Please state if you are open to students reaching out to you via LinkedIn for virtual mentorship. Absolutely! I would love to be a mentor, I know how valuable mentorships are.

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