Supply Chain Alumni Spotlight: Fox Sports

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November 6, 2017 by texasbbacareerservices

Ryan SullivanRyan Sullivan
Supply Chain Management
Class of 2016
Broadcast Operations Coordinator at Fox Sports

I spent much of college in a variety of internship roles including stints with a commercial real estate company, a sales/marketing internship with a large alcohol distributor, a procurement co-op with Johnson and Johnson, and Nike’s class on campus NikeU. However, I ultimately decided to pursue a career in sports. I targeted Nike and Fox Sports as two potential landing spots since I had connections to and maintained relationships with both. I spent over a year in heavy email contact with both companies and eventually set up in person visits and one on one meetings with multiple employees at each place. My persistence paid off briefly after graduating when a position opened at Fox Sports, where I began working in February.

There have been many things I enjoyed about working at Fox Sports:

  • Company culture: super laid back and upper management is extremely approachable
  • Many opportunities for self betterment and advancement
  • Amenities: food, gym, employee screenings, trainings, and many other opportunities available to all employees on the lot
  • Opportunities to network and interact with many high profile people
  • Location: On the Fox Lot in Century City/Beverly Hills, right in the heart of LA. Tough to beat in terms of weather, opportunity, and things to do.

I work on our live integration (LIT) team. We are based in our main studio where all feeds are received and programming occurs for all Fox channels. We are responsible for overseeing all 100+ production staff and managing all On-Air content for our Fox Networks channels. We run point for everything leading up to, during, and after live events such as NFL, MLB, and UFC events.

Several skills make a person successful in this position:

  • Nimble: you have to be nimble and able to adjust quickly in a fast paced environment. We handle high pressure live sports and have to handle issues quickly in fluid situations
  • Communication/Teamwork: You must be able to communicate effectively in a team environment. We communicate with people all over the globe simultaneously when coordinating live events. Ensuring clear, consistent and accurate communication to stay on the same page is a big deal.
  • Detail oriented: The smallest details in our work can have major on-air ramifications so attention to detail in everything we do is crucial.
  • Diligence/Confidence: I manage people twice and three times my age and often make decisions impacting thousands of dollars of commercial inventory. You must be diligent in your preparation and confident in your decisions when the time comes to execute scenarios.

I have one main piece of advice to all students about to enter the work world:

  • BE PROACTIVE: Whether you are looking for a job or looking to advance once in your job, this is my top piece of advice. When you’re young, people won’t tell you no. Whether you ask to set up a lunch or phone call to learn more about someone’s position, or ask to sit in and shadow a meeting, people seem drawn to the young ambitious employee. This has proved crucial in my first year here and led to now weekly opportunities to shadow and contribute to the teams for our studio shows including The Herd, Speak For Yourself, and MLB Whiparound. As I have experienced, the people who excel aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. Gaining facetime, being present and having a presence are all crucial. Force upon yourself the courage to approach people to learn about and pursue opportunities in areas of interest. You’ll never regret doing so and will likely be surprised at what can happen.

Now is good time to start making contact with people! A lot of movement happens in February – April right after NFL season ends.

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