Management Consulting Internship Spotlight: Egon Zehnder

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November 15, 2017 by texasbbacareerservices

AdamAdam Cleland
Education: B.A. Economics, Rice University, ‘17
Intern title: Seasonal Analyst (Intern)
Full time title: Business Analyst

This is my junior-to-senior year summer internship story.

Fall of my junior year. Econ major. My thoughts about the real world: “oh my gosh, what am I going to do with my life; I don’t think I even want to be an economist.” These thoughts consumed me; I looked at the real world and, to be honest, was freaked out by all the choices, especially in the business world.

I was looking for a junior-to-senior summer internship that gave me EXPOSURE to what’s


Learn more and apply for the Seasonal Analyst Internship via RecruitMcCombs. Deadline: December 8, 2017

out there and MENTORSHIP to help me grow professionally and interpersonally. That’s when I learned about consulting. It was perfect for me! I could get access to strategic business problems to solve, intelligent business leaders to mentor me, and a fast-paced, constantly changing work environment to keep me stimulated and growing.

There are so many different types of consulting companies out there, and I definitely was intrigued by the Bain’s and Deloitte’s of the world don’t get me wrong. But my internship ended up being with a consulting company I personally hadn’t heard of, and it turned out to be the best decision I have made since choosing where to go to undergrad.

Egon Zehnder cares about their interns’ development. I worked on three consulting projects simultaneously (if you think three concurrent projects is weird, look up exactly what we do and it’ll make more sense), two of which were global projects, and had the ability to interact with consultants (my “bosses” during the internship) who were former finance leaders, c-suite marketers, and founders of companies. The clients were fascinating to learn about too; the internship gives you experience across multiple business industries and functions within the business world.

In terms of your own professional and interpersonal development? It’s stellar here at Egon in my opinion. Every two weeks of my internship, my mentor gathered feedback from all the consultants I was working with, and we would sit down for 30ish mins and go over the themes she found in the feedback I was receiving. It was personalized feedback that I’m going to take with me throughout my entire career.

I transitioned full-time into our analyst position after graduating from college in May, and am loving my time here so far. I learn every single day and actually enjoy my first job out of college.

The takeaway I had from choosing my summer internship? Find a place where you are encouraged to grow, develop, mature, and learn. Certain internships are wasteful, useless even. Find a place where you can add value, but also receive value.

If you have any questions about consulting, Egon Zehnder, internship searching, or your career path, let me know! Happy to get on the phone and chat. Our Dallas-based internship application for Summer 2018 is open in RecruitMcCombs now through December 8, 2017.

Best of luck to you in your internship search!

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